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14 Essential Everyday Carry Gifts

We all have special people in our lives that deserve our very best. If your best friend has an occasion or you’re visiting him/her after a long time, you will need to carry special gifts. There are different gifts out there, but there are special gifts for special people. We will look at everyday carry gifts that you can purchase for those you love.

Keysmart Pro (US$ 59.99)

KeySmart Pro

As the name suggests, this keysmart pro is a perfect choice if you want to keep your keys jangle free and tidy. Of course this keysmart pro features some more features. This item can easily slip into your front pocket. If you have misplaced your phone, you will just need to press on the integrated tile button and your phone will ring. This item features a bottle opener and an inbuilt LED flashlight.

Bellroy Minimalist set

Bellroy Minimalist Set

It is slim and stylish. It works well and allows you to easily carry keys and cash. It features a slim sleeve and allows you to easily carry money and cards. It has been perfectly made to allow convenience. If you have placed your cards in this wallet-like item, you will be able to easily access them. You can carry 2-4 keys with this wallet.

Mystery ranch backpacks (US$ 139)

Mystery ranch backpacks

This bag has been perfectly made. It is long lasting and very useful. If you love traveling, this is a perfect bag to carry important items. It is lightweight and very useful. This bag is a good choice for outdoor activities. It has a laptop sleeve and another space for other valuable items. It has a zipper that provides the necessary safety to your items.

Bellroy notebook (US$ 79.95)

Bellroy notebook

This is a perfect notebook that comes with a very decent price tag. This notebook allows you to easily carry your EDC and important travel essentials. If you place your passports and other travel documents, many people will rarely know where they are. It is a safe way of carrying your travel essentials. This is a very elegant piece of notebook that has been perfectly crafted using premium leather material. This bellroy notebook can hold 4-6 cards, passport and a notebook; it also has a space for pen. You can easily secure your stuff as it has a magnetic closure.

KBx pocket knife-leather man skeleton knife (US$ 25)

KBx pocket knife-leather man skeleton knife

This pocket knife has numerous features and is highly versatile. It is lightweight and small enough to fit in your pocket. This knife has 25 years guarantee. If you want a very reliable and versatile knife, this is undoubtedly the best. It features a combination blade for variety of uses. It also features an inbuilt bottle opener.

Olight M2R Warrior Bundle (US$ 99.95)

Olight M2R Warrior Bundle

Seiko analog diver’s watch (US$ 17)

Seiko analog diver’s watch

This Seiko SKX007JI features a NATO strap. This watch is beautiful, durable and water resistant. It features luminous hands and also markers. If you are looking for a perfect watch that is reliable, this is actually one of the best.

Tactical pen boker plus (US$ 40.01)

Tactical pen boker plus

This pen features a unique design. If you are looking for an EDC pen, this is a perfect choice. This pen features a tactical edge that can also act as a self defense tool. It has an inbuilt pocket clip and has been perfectly made with anodized CNC milled aluminum material for durability. This pen looks decent and lasts long. If you are looking for an EDC pen, this is undeniably one of the best available.

Garbe dime multi-tool (US$ 14.65)

Garbe dime multi-tool

This multi tool is very versatile. This means it has multiple uses and functions. You can do a lot of things using this multi tool. It is an all in one and has different tools. It is small in size but very big on functionality. It has 10 different tools that are perfectly packed in a compact and safe design that can easily fit in your pocket. This multi-tool has pliers, scissors, blade, screwdrivers and much more!

Peak everyday bag (US$ 259.95)

Peak everyday bag

This bag has been made with high quality material. It is durable and has enough space for your important items such as laptop, iPad among others. If you are a photographer, this bag is great. Every time you are traveling, you will need to have a decent bag for your items.

Titanium pocket clip (from $40)

Titanium pocket clip

This is one of the best everyday carry gifts you can buy. This gift is worth the price. It is a multifunctional clip that is durable. Titanium clips feature LED and nice classic options that can perform different roles. LED version features a water resistant 22 lumen flashlight.

Pioneer ion wallet (US$ 59.99)

Pioneer Ion Wallet

This is a nice wallet that has been made with best quality material. It is a perfect choice for those that love minimalist wallets. This wallet has been made using best quality ripstop fabric. This wallet is tough and waterproof and has 10 years warranty. It can hold up-to 8 cards and folded cash notes.

This is a rechargeable LED flashlight that can produce up-to 1500 lumens. This flashlight provides you with the necessary light at night and other dark outdoor environments. It has a side switch and also a tail switch. Unlike other flashlights, this one features a USB magnetic cable, lanyard and holster and removable pocket clip.

TEC accessories keychain pen (US$ 19.95)

TEC accessories keychain pen

This is a keychain pen. A pen is an important item to have. This pen is compact and lightweight. Anytime you want to write something, you can always use this pen. This pen is small and can easily be attached to your keychain. This pen features a magnetic cap for one handed use. The pen uses a DI style ink. It is one of the best items you can buy for yourself or as gifts.

Black ember exclusive V4M bundle (US$ 325)

Black ember exclusive V4M bundle

This bundle features a modular design that makes it easy for you to easily access your items. It is durable and very useful. This bag is worth the price. It features a V4M pack and other two compression cubes that can provide a good storage for your camera. With this bundle, you don’t have to worry about your items. The bundle has a perfect space for your items. It is durable and very useful.

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