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Raden A28 Check Luggage Review

luggage colors

I recently reviewed Raden’s A Series line, which offers two sizes: the A28 check and the A22 carry. The creators of the brand hope to make travel a seamless, user-first experience, by creating a check suitcase made of the “world’s best materials and technology.” I was lucky enough to get …

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Buy Less, Spend More, Make It Last

buy less, spend more, make it last

Over the last 50 years, the fashion industry has changed drastically. Though originally a delightful opportunity for practical self-expression, it has evolved into a system that exploits rather than empowers. Today, garment factories employ roughly 40 million workers, and nearly every one of them endures unfair, exploitative, and often dangerous …

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How to Buy Less and Choose Well

how to buy Less and choose well

Buy less and choose well. Living with the essentials, as a family, means actively choosing to consume less *stuff*. Minimalism is not throwing away everything and starting over or even trying to reach a certain number of items to reduce your possessions to. If this were true, then we would …

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Product Review: Equus Leather Bridle Belts

leather bridle belt

There is something undeniably wonderful about high quality leather products. High-end fabrics are delightful as well, but there’s just something about the feel, smell, and appearance of great leather goods that is fantastic to experience. My most recent leather goods purchase came in the form of two lovely belts from …

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Distil Union Wally Agent

minimalist wallet

Simpler is better, especially when it comes to your wallet (and what’s inside). A good minimalist wallet helps you pare down what you carry to just the essentials. But a great one does it seamlessly, while being even easier to use in the process. Distil Union’s EDC wallets accomplish this …

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Away Luggage Review.

carry-on luggage

I reached out to the brand to see if they would be open to sending me a couple pieces to review and have to say – I am so impressed with my new luggage. I really, really love it. It’s thoughtfully designed (I’ll tell you more about that), streamlined, chic, …

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Best Carry On Luggage

carry on luggage

For many packing is a love hate relationship…because while it’s exciting to be packing for a vacation it can be stressful trying to fit everything that you need (or think you need). Combine that with the fees for luggage and there is even more pressure to pack as efficiently as …

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Obsessing Over: Woven Bags

small basket bag

I’ll admit it: I like to be ahead of the curve as much as the next girl. There’s just something deeply satisfying, something undeniably cool, about feeling like one of the very first people to embrace a soon-to-be-everywhere trend before it’s, well, everywhere. But it’s not always possible to be …

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Urban Slim Wallet 2.0 PLUS

slim wallet

The Urban slim wallet 2.0 plus had all the same function like Urban slim wallet2.0. It is 10% larger then the Urban slim wallet 2.0. The advantage of larger size is, it can cover most of the currencies with a larger size is, it can cover most if the currencies …

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Gymboree Back to School Deals

tiger school backpack

*This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links. I was compensated for this post.   Back to school time is really fun. It is the time to buy new school bags, new shoes and other school items. At …

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