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Corkor’s Front Pocket Wallet

front pocket cork wallet

The Corkor Front Pocket Cork Wallet has 3 vertical card slots on what we consider as the front as it has the Corkor logo on it. Each slot can store 2 to 3 cards thanks to the elastic nature of cork. In the middle, there are 3 vertical storage compartments. …

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About JooJoobs

slim wallet

JooJoobs is the love and passion from a family of leather craftsmen. Their Family They are a Thai family based in Chiang Mai, Thailand where their workshop overlooks rice fields and their lush garden. The invigorating smell of leather wafts through the air and is the welcoming smell of home. …

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Cork & Fabric Keyring

fabric keyring

A simple little keyring made with scraps of cork and fabric. Yesterday I shared this cork passport holder I was able to make using the contents of the Craftiosity Craft Kit box I was sent. As I mentioned, and you can see in the photo, I had a little bit …

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The Convenience Of Using Cosmetics Bags

cosmetic bag

Cosmetic bags look pretty, are easy to carry and are the perfect way to keep all your cosmetics and makeup well organised. Available in several designs, sizes, styles and shapes, you can have a single cosmetic bag or a whole selection of them. Cosmetic bags have so much to offer. …

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Buy Less, Choose Well

buy less choose well

I first saw this quote from Vivienne Westwood here, and it really struck a chord with me. I have a tendency to buy things because the are cheap or a “good deal”–even if they aren’t what I really want. Then I end up with a bunch of clutter–stuff that I don’t …

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Kickstarter Alert: Fidget Cube

fidget cubes

Avoid getting caught fidgeting in the big meeting with this stealthy, handheld gadget. Say hello to Fidget Cube and keep your hands busy while your mind is working! Now on Kickstarter from Antsy Labs–creators of the Duet and Trio device docks–the Fidget Cube! If you’re a pen clicker or a …

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Your Everyday Handbag

shoulder bag tote purse

Happy Tuesday readers!!!! I am really excited to share with you a new European brand that I’ve recently discovered! They’re called Mon Purse and they are based in and made in Europe. Their bags are made from European leather and completely customizable. Do you know how cool it is to …

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How to Buy a Men’s Belt: The Ultimate Guide

dress belts

Pretty much every part a man’s outfit gets significantly more attention than the lowly belt. It’s treated more like a utility than a fashion piece, and as such, ends up being a product that’s picked up as an after thought, rather than one that’s sought out. In reality though, it …

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Best School Backpacks

classic school backpacks

We really can’t believe that summer is drawing to an end so soon. Before we know it, it’ll be time to get the kids ready and raring for all the back-to-school madness again. Are your littlies starting kindy for the first time? Or maybe your children are all grown up …

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How to Buy Leather Belts for Men?

leather belts

Men have fewer accessories as compared to women and generally, tend to fuss much lesser as well. Most of their accessories are utilitarian but there is no reason why they cannot be stylish at the same time. They are mostly chucked into the shopping cart while checking out shirts and …

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Buy less, choose well, make it last.

Do you have a garment in your wardrobe that you wear over and over again and just can’t bear to part with? Your old faithful?  Well, that’s a very, very good thing! I recently commented on my friends, oh so cool, over sized denim jacket, covered with embroidered motifs. So, “right …

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Slim 2: The New Slim Wallet

slim wallet

Slim 2 wallet is a beautifully simple, super-thin, card-carrying over-achiever. Designed for minimalists. We like slim, if you haven’t picked that up by now, then frankly you haven’t been paying attention… we’ll let it slide though, because we like you. The long suffering readers among you may remember way back …

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Exentri Wallet | Tri-Fold Wallet | Review

slim wallet

Exentri Wallet Review | The Tardis Reborn in Wallet Form. The Norwegian company Exentri was established in 1996. The company’s business concept is to develop and offer quality products with unique features. The main office is situated in Oslo, Norway. Exentri has distributors and partners around the world and has …

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15 Best Bifold Wallets

bifold wallets

While its purpose is simple in theory, the bifold wallet must do so much more than just carry our everyday essentials, credit cards, and bank notes. It must carry these essentials while also carrying and displaying to the world our personal sense of style and sophistication. As a piece we …

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Business Card Holders You Need Right Now

business credit card

Let’s play out a scenario, shall we? You’re out to lunch when you stop dead in your tracks. Across the street at your favorite café is the blogger you’ve been idolizing for years! As a blogger and business owner yourself, you think a collaboration can definitely benefit both parties. You …

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