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The Back To School Essential

elastic strap money clip

School time is rolling in like a manic depressive disease, and it’s time to get to shopping. Stores are going to have some sick discounts on printer paper and pens, and some not so sick discounts on those $2,000 Macbooks you’rerequiredto have. But, there is one thing… one thing that …

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Grovemade Compact Bifold Wallet

Grovemade’s new Compact Bifold Wallet is nearly 30% smaller than a typical bifold wallet, and one of the very few billfold wallets in production that can also be considered a minimalist wallet. Available in your choice of black or tan, each wallet is hand-sewn by Yonezawa Leather Company from a …

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The Best Coin Wallets for EDC

coin wallet

A minimal card wallet can do wonders for slimming down your pockets, but optimizing your carry doesn’t have to mean going smaller. Most card carrying wallets have a spot for stashing a bill or two, but what if you live in a country where coins are a major form of …

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Buy Less. Choose well. The gift of a wood watch.


As Justin approached mid 30’s we both have been determined to pare down. Pare down both our household items and wardrobes and keep what we love and represents us well. Our theme: Buy less, choose well. When January 1st came around, we hunkered down and purged for a couple weeks. …

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The 15 Best Bifold Wallets

bifold wallet

Money clips, tri-folds, tactical wallets. With so many options out there these days purchasing a wallet can become highly overwhelming. So much so in fact that occasionally we find ourselves simply giving up after a several thwarted attempts. We ask questions regarding carrying capacity, security, perks, and idiosyncratic features that …

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Axess Slim Front Pocket Wallets

Axess slim front pocket wallets

Simply the thought of stuffing a typical wallet into a front pocket is enough to make us squirm. Bulk is not something we’re looking for. That’s what makes the Axess wallet so intriguing. Just half the size of a regular wallet, Axess delivers all the functionality of a full-sized wallet, …

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Spine Titanium Wallet

minimalist wallet

In this day and age, carrying a thick traditional bifold wallet is more of a liability than a boon. They’re heavy, take up a lot of space, and can be bad for your back if you slip them into your back pocket. Swap it out for something a bit more …

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Introducing: Woolet Smart RFID

woolet smart rfid wallet

The Woolet ecosystem gained a new family member: Woolet Smart RFID. Learn more about it!   Have you heard about skimming? It’s a digital crime of getting private information about somebody else’s cards or IDs by using a small device. That way skimmers can not only steal your money, but …

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Carl Friedrik Leather Goods

leather laptop case

When it comes to everyday carry, there is a certain something about leather goods that really resonates with us here at Coolector HQ and finding a purveyor of such goods is no easy task when you’re after both style and quality craftsmanship but there is both of these qualities in …

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Axess: Italian Leather Front Pocket Wallets

front pocket wallet

When you think of Sweden, a few things might spring to mind: Ikea – the shop that seamlessly combines meatballs and flat-pack furniture, Abba, Zlatan Ibrahimovic and that chef from the muppets. Now, Swedish designer Tomas Eriksson is adding the most comprehensive wallet kickstarter we’ve seen in a long time …

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NexBelt Review


The modern belt has been around for centuries – obviously there is little technology involved and the only materials required are leather and metal. For me, that is part of the appeal of belts. The fact that two simple materials can be combined in so many ways to create a …

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Axess Wallet Review

Axess front wallet

There is no greater shame than being forced to hold your wife/girlfriend’s purse while she is away. Even the coolest of dudes have zero chance of not looking like a tool. Which brings me to another peeve: how come women seem to fill their purse no matter how big or …

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