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8 Card-sized EDC Essentials That Fit Your Wallet

credit card holder leather wallet

“Phone, wallet, keys.” Chances are you go through the same mental checklist when heading out the door to make sure your essentials are right there with you. If you make it a point to be prepared and properly equipped, the checklist gets longer, and it’s easier to forget things.

Since your wallet is a staple item that’s easy to remember, why not use it to consolidate backup tools and other necessities in one easy-to-carry, hard-to-forget setup?

In this guide, you’ll discover tools and essentials with different designs and features to find something to fit your EDC — and your wallet. Minimalists can enjoy the freed up pocket- and mental space from having their gear conveniently in one place. Even those with fuller carries can make the most of their wallet’s card slots to cover more bases and bring backups when pocket space is scarce.

Of all the wallet-friendly gear out there, multitools are the most common. And that’s great! It doesn’t get much better than being able to multiply your EDC’s functionality with something the size of a credit card. Some are metal for durability, others are plastic for lighter weight. In either case, I recommend you carry them in your front pocket. It’s more comfortable than sitting on metal, less likely to break a plastic tool from sitting on it, and better for your back.

What’s in your wallet? If it needs that extra something, check out this list of solid tools and gadgets for your everyday carry wallet.

Cha-O-Ha EDC Card

EDC Card

The EDC Card by Cha-O-Ha draws inspiration from the best outdoor tools, resulting in one robust, versatile multitool. It doesn’t get much more durable than the EDC Card’s solid, 24mm thick single-piece design, made from military grade S35VN steel. It’s hard on the job but easy on your hands, thanks to ergonomic grooves to give you the grip and torque you need when using its various hex wrenches, screwdrivers, and more.

Victorinox SwissCard Lite

SwissCard Lite

The SwissCard Lite is the closest you’ll get to carrying one of Victorinox’s world-renowned Swiss Army Knives alongside your cards and cash. The tool’s award-winning design boasts 13 functions, like Victorinox’s excellent scissors, tweezers, and blade. It even includes useful features you won’t find on many of their traditional knives (or even other card-sized tools) like an LED backup light and a pressurized ballpoint pen. It’s a great option for front-pocket wallet carriers looking for an alternative to solid metal card tools.

Zootility PocketMonkey


Some single-piece multitools can get too thick, heavy, and tactical-looking for wallet carry. The cheerful, non-threatening PocketMonkey from Zootility is different — at just 1mm thin and 0.6oz in weight, it’s got plenty of other tools beat in terms of space efficiency. It’s made in the USA to add 3 screwdrivers, hex wrenches, a bottle opener, phone stand, and many more features to your EDC.

Boker Plus Credit Card Knife

Credit Card Knife

Sometimes you just want to carry a dedicated folding knife that’s there when you need it and out of sight when you don’t. The Boker Plus Credit Card Knife should fit the bill. It’s thin enough to fit into a credit card slot, but strong enough for light daily usage thanks to its durable titanium liner. At 2.25″, its stainless steel 440C blade gives you plenty to work with without getting disproportionately large. It even locks when deployed for added safety. For a discreet but capable backup or light-duty blade, slip one of these into your wallet.

Tool Logic SVC2 Survival Card

Tool Logic SVC2 Survival Card

Most credit card tools can’t stand up to emergency outdoor and survival situations. Tool Logic’s SVC2 is the exception. It’s outfitted with tools you’d expect in a survival kit — a firestarter, a serrated fixed blade, a signal whistle, a red LED flashlight for preserving nightvision, and more. It’s all housed in a rugged ABS plastic card to give you an edge in an emergency, all from your wallet.

TravelCard Portable Smartphone Charger

portable smartphone charger

Just as smartphones get thinner and more advanced, so do the much-needed external batteries for them. The Travel Card is an ultra-compact portable charger for your phone that carries easily in a bifold wallet. With a 1500 mAh capacity, it can give an added 40-55% of battery life to your device to keep you connected on the go. It’s available in micro USB and Lightning configurations with four colors to choose from, so you can find the right charger for your phone and style.



Maybe you need a tool for fixing an unruly ‘do or keeping your epic beard nice and neat. For that, there’s the go-comb. Unlike plastic combs that snap under the slightest stress, these wallet-sized combs are made from stainless steel with a durable coating. They’re available in a variety of colors and designs, with a wide-toothed variant for all hair types, and a fine-toothed comb for facial hair.

Tuls Ollie Titanium

Tuls Ollie Titanium

In terms of functionality to bulk, few tools come close to the Tuls Ollie. Its 100% titanium structure makes it both lightweight and strong enough to handle all sorts of tasks, from repairs to design and crafts. It packs 13 tools in its single-piece design to come in handy on your next project or quick fix. If maintaining your wallet’s slimness is a top priority, Ollie is your go-to.

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