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Away Luggage Review.

carry-on luggage

I reached out to the brand to see if they would be open to sending me a couple pieces to review and have to say – I am so impressed with my new luggage. I really, really love it. It’s thoughtfully designed (I’ll tell you more about that), streamlined, chic, relatively affordable given the quality, and easy to travel with. Also as an aside, their luggage now comes in light pink! I am so sad I missed out on this, though the sand color is probably more practical in the long run!

carry on luggage

First of all, what I chose. I went with the Medium Suitcase (for the times when I want to check a bag – like this week’s trip to Charleston – as I’m shooting several looks for the blog there, I need more space!) and the International Carry-On. I’m generally a pretty light packer (I can squeeze a lot into a tiny suitcase, and absolutely hate checking a bag. If it’s a blog trip and I’m shooting a lot and need more room, I’ll check and use the Medium Suitcase but if I’m traveling for personal purposes, I can generally get away with the little guy.

This part might not seem important, but it is – the little guy nests inside of the bigger one, making storage a breeze. I don’t have a lot of closet space, so it’s important to me that one piece fit inside of the other.

International carry-cn

First impressions: I was blown away by how lightweight the luggage is. Seriously – it’s light as a feather. At first I was actually a bit weirded out by the materials (a polycarbonate shell). I worried that it could break. But it won’t.. for such a lightweight material, it is incredibly sturdy. It’s also very flexible. When your luggage is all packed and zipped out, it looks very structured but when the suitcase is open it is flexible.

In traveling with it, I definitely noticed a difference. I packed my medium to the brim for Charleston and having a lighter suitcase was helpful. The 360 degree wheels on the bottom were also a big perk – easy to maneuver!

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One of the best parts to me is the battery (in the carry-on). This may not be as big of a deal to everyone (I am on my phone a LOT, after all) but I thought it’s pretty cool and I can never seem to find a good place to charge my phone at the airport! Simply charge the battery overnight before your trip, and then you will be able to easily charge your devices throughout the trip. The battery has two ports that can be used simultaneously (making it easy to make friends – or be a good friend to whomever you’re traveling with), a micro-USB port (where you charge the suitcase), and an LED indicator to let you know how much juice you have left. One port charges the battery at standard speed and the other charges it at a faster speed. The battery contains enough juice to charge an iPhone up to 5 times… so if you get stranded somewhere, hey – at least you can charge your phone.

One thing about the battery is that it’s still a new idea. Though it’s completely legal, the TSA might be confused. For that reason, there is a sticker on the bottom of the carry-on to explain that it’s legal. So if you have any issues, just show them that. I’ve flown with my carry-on once now and had no issues with TSA but it’s worth mentioning.


Each suitcase also comes with a laundry bag (rolled up inside the zippered interior) which is very handy to have, especially on longer trips.

What I like is that the suitcases force you to be very orderly with your things. There are two large compartments in each suitcase. Each is separately sealed. One is meant for soft things (clothing), and has a compression strap to help you push it all down and allow you to fit more. The only thing I wish that was done differently about this suitcase is that the compression strap were longer to get more leverage. The second compartment is meant to stow hard items: toiletries, shoes, bags, etc. It’s such a simple thing but it makes a big difference – you really end up fitting much more.

away luggagetravel organizer luggagelightweight carry onAll of Away’s luggage is covered under a limited, lifetime warranty. So if the shell cracks or breaks; the zipper stops working, or the wheels and handles break off, you are covered. It doesn’t cover scratches and/or dents. It also does not cover the battery in the carry-on. (The battery is covered for two years… while the company hasn’t been around for two years yet, they will start selling replacement batteries at some point.)

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This post is not sponsored but thank you to AWAY for my new luggage – I love it so much!!!

photography by Lydia Hudgens.



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