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Backpacking Pack Reviews

Backpacking PackWhen we’re choosing a backpack for outdoor adventures, we look for comfort, function, and style. At Outdoors Geek, we carry the best rental backpacks in the world. Whether you’re carrying a day’s worth of supplies for a casual day hike or you need to haul back an animal after a successful hunting trip, we have awesome packs for every outdoor occasion. We carry several brands, but the majority of our packs are Gregory Packs.

Marmot Kompressor day pack

Gregory and Marmot backpacks

Wayne Gregory has been an innovator in the backpacking industry. We test all outdoor gear extensively to make sure it lives up to its promises, and the Gregory Packs never disappoint. However, Gregory Packs aren’t the only brand that we carry. The Marmot brand also makes excellent, lightweight, and beautiful looking backpacks.

Backpacks for men and women

Every person is different, which is why we carry a large selection of backpacks for every type of hike, camping trip, or backpacking adventure. Just like in the clothing industry, the backpacking industry has figured out how to tailor their backpacks to best suit the man’s and the woman’s body.

Backpacks designed and marketing to women are often shorter in the torso range and have thinner shoulder and hip straps. However, we recommend that you try out a few backpacks; just because you are a woman doesn’t mean that the women’s pack is best for you. It’s important that the weight distribution is correct and that the straps all fit comfortably around your body. So, don’t get so caught up in whether a pack is marketing for men or women. Go for the pack that best fits your body and is designed to carry out all the functions that you’ll need on your backpacking trip.

Backpacks suited for kids

kids backpack

Whereas we’re not recommending using your kids as pack-mules, every kid should have a backpack and help carry the load. Plus, kids love to mimic their parents, so if you’re packing a backpack, then your kids should be carrying a backpack as well. Sure, you’re carrying the heavy load, but a kid’s pack filled with crayons, a teddy bear, and some snacks is a great way for your kid to be an active part of the trip and not just a tag-along.

Finding the right pack for your kid can be difficult. At Outdoors Geek, we’ve got an awesome selection of kid backpacks that are perfect for their little bodies. We’ll help every family member get outfitted with the best backpack for your strength and your body type.

Deuter Fox 40 Kids Backpack

The fox is specifically designed for kids in that awkward stage of 6-11 years – you know, the state where they grow about half a foot from one day to the next. The Fox backpack is designed to grow with your child, so the carrying system is adjustable to perfectly fit the length of your kids back.


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