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Bellroy Note Sleeve Wallet

mens slim wallet

My Wallet is considered to be a “Dad’s Wallet” very much a bulky leather wallet, that has a load of cards, some I haven’t used in 6 months, I’ve seen a number of Slim style or Tactical wallets on the internet and thought they might be go to try.

I came across Bellroy’s wallets on Instagram and checked out their website and saw that they had a number of wallets I liked the look of the Slim Wallets and they had a wide selection. Bellroy sent me a Review unit a Black Note Sleeve.

Straight away Bellroy scored big points, my wallet had arrived at my contacts office on a Monday and was sent via courier to me from the Australian East Coast to Western Australia, and it arrived on the Wednesday, so this was awesome as most times it can take over 5 working days for stuff to arrive.

The packaging is beautifully done, with stiching around the envelope style package, the Wallet has wrapped in tissue paper protecting it.

bellroy note sleeve wallet

tactical wallet

note sleeve walletnote sleeve

What can fit in a Note Sleeve Wallet

Here is a great image from Bellroy’s website showing what can be added to the Note Sleeve, the Wallet can take a lot of cards and cash, it even has a pocket for coins or hiding a specific card.


Check out Bellroy’s comparison tool showing how a standard wallet compares to the Bellroy wallet, sliding the button from left to right added more cards to the wallet to see it expand.


I was so surprised when I picked up the Note Sleeve for the first time the texture of the wallet is unbelievable, it just feels so nice to hold and so slim, I no longer have the huge “Dad Wallet” bulge in my pocket, the Note Sleeve just slides in and out of my pocket with ease.

slim your wallet

Up Close with the Note Sleeve Wallet

Here is some shots of my new wallet, this is a beautiful wallet, slim and sleek in every aspect

sleeve wallet

credit card holder

card slot

credit card

  1. The Note Sleeve has three main card slots two on the right and one on the left, I have my Western Australian Driver’s Licences on the left and my Woolworth’s loyalty card and Debt card on the right as I use them the most.
  2. Spare cards can be store under the main to cards, the pull tab enables me to pull them out if and when I require them.
  3. If I happen to have some coins on me there is a slot that has a flap covering it, this could also be used to store business cards or a backup credit card or work ID.
  4. To the right of the Coin/Card sections is another card slot I current have my AusPost MyPost card. As with the Coin slot this could be used for Debt/Credit cards or Business Cards.


Would I recommend the Bellroy Note Sleeve Wallet? Yes, and here are some of the reasons why…



  • Small slim size
  • Fits Notes without having to fold them
  • Excellent build quality
  • Multiple colours – Black, Blue Steel, Coca, Cognac, Java, Slate & Tan.
  • Feel of the Leather
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • Wide range of Wallets / Sleeves to fit any type of setup and even environment


  • Sim slot only for Nano-Sim

I personally couldn’t find anything wrong with the Note Sleeve, for me it fitted everything I needed both in cards I carry and if and when I need to carry coins I have that option available. The Price is also a non-factor and in fact my last wallet my Wife bought me was around the same price $100 AUD and twice the thickness of the Bellroy Note Sleeve.

Who would benefit from this wallet? Anyone be it a Business Professional or like me a Domestic Engineer (At home Dad) the Wallet is Slim and tidy, it fits neatly into any pocket be it Jeans or my Hard Yakka Cargo pants or shorts and with the wide range of colours you can match it to your wardrobe or even get a couple of wallets.

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