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The 15 Essential Gifts for the Tech and Gadget Geek

Tech geeks are all about geeky items. Don’t bother getting them anything that won’t add value to their lifestyle. Everyday carry is useful if it has a technical feel to it. If you want to pick the right gift for a tech lover, check out these 15 essential gifts.

DJI Spark Portable Mini Drone (US$364.99)

DJI Spark Portable Mini Drone (US$ 364.99)

The DJI Spark mini-drone is small and effortlessly portable. Practically all tech enthusiasts will love this gift because it is a great way to capture photos and videos from an aerial view. Even if your not a fan of photography or videography, you’ll love to tinker with this drone for hours.

It can be controlled with hand gestures, a smart device or by remote control. This DJI has several flight options that can be configured to your needs.

GoPro HERO6 Black (US$449)

GoPro HERO6 Black (US$ 449)

The GoPro is a small camera that can be used to capture all your adventures. It is water resistant and comes with a voice control and video stabilization feature. There is also a QuikStories option to help you create great videos with ease.

Nomad PowerPack (US$119.95)

Nomad PowerPack (US$ 119.95)

This strong battery pack will keep your tech devices powered up wherever you go. The 9,000 mAh PowerPack comes with a USB A and C ports. It has a tough polycarbonate outer body so that even if it is dropped, you can rest assured that it won’t be damaged. You can find the Nomad easily if it is missing because it has an integrated Tile.

Tile Sport (US$34.99)

Tile Sport

Ever had trouble finding your keys, phone, or wallet? We’ve all been there. The Tile Sport can be attached to any item (like a backpack) so that you can find it instantly and easily if you lose it. Just use your phone and get the Tile Sport to ring out, or you could double tap the Tile Sport to get your phone to ring – it’s amazing and works both ways. There is also a community of users on the Tile Sport network who can help you locate any missing items.

Native Union KEY Cable (US$16.95)

Native Union KEY Cable

The Union Key Cable is a great emergency gift. If you’ve ever had a dead phone battery and not have a charging cable handy then you know how useful this gift is. It is simple and can be easily attached to your keys so that it’ll go everywhere you go. It has a braided cable which makes it even more easy to find in your bag.

Cocoon Grid-It (US$19.99)

Cocoon Grid-It

Tech cables, devices, pens, work tools, and much more…if your tech enthusiast carries a lot of small items about then the Cocoon Grid-It is a perfect gift. The Cocoon can keep all your small essentials accessible and secure. It has plastic flexible bands that ensure organization in an assortment of ways. It can also take the configurations of a variety of objects.


Incase ICON Lite Pack – Diamond Ripstop (US$99.95)

Incase ICON Lite Pack – Diamond Ripstop (US$ 99.95)

Looking for an ecofriendly gift item? This lite pack from Incase is made out of yarn from recycled plastic bottles. It was dyed by a process which uses less water and produces fewer CO2 emissions. The Diamond Ripstop has a padded laptop compartment for packing your laptop securely and an upper pocket for smaller tech devices. This pack is great for work or play.

Kindle Paperwhite E-reader (US$99.99)

Kindle Paperwhite E-reader (US$ 99.99)

These days, you won’t find many people who actually read a book. It is becoming extinct as most people just use e-readers. Besides, books are heavy and not as compact as this Kindle Paperweight E-reader.

With this e-reader, you can take a whole library on the go. The screen does not have a glare even when you are reading under sunlight. A single battery charge can last you up to 6 weeks so you don’t have to worry about a dead battery.

Spire Stone (US$109)

Spire Stone (US$ 109)

Today, exercise and overall health have also gone mobile. At least the basics… If you want to monitor your calorie intake, steps taken and respiratory patterns all in one gadget, then the Spire Stone is a perfect choice. It is designed to help you de-stress and provides notifications whenever something unusual happens like if your breathing becomes abnormal etc. You can perform certain exercises through the app to help you unwind and stay in top form. This gift item also has a wireless charging feature so that you can charge it easily while carrying out other activities.

Plume Labs Flow (US$139)

Plume Labs Flow (US$ 139)

Plume is a compact air quality monitor which works with your mobile phone to keep track of air pollution both indoors and outdoors. The device can be adjusted to suit your environment, like if you want to change your workout route or when you open a window for fresh air.

Motiv Ring (US$199)

Motiv Ring (US$ 199)

Looking to reap the benefits of a fitness tracker and not have to deal with a clunky design? Then choose the Motiv Ring! This piece of technology is a combo of a sleep monitor, fitness tracker, and heart rate monitor. It is an all in one gift that was made out of lightweight titanium. The Motiv is water resistant and can sync wirelessly with your mobile devices.

Samsung Gear Sport Smartwatch (US$249)

Samsung Gear Sport Smartwatch (US$ 249)

Samsung is a brand we all know and love for their innovative products and durability. The Samsung Gear smartwatch brings you several amazing features all conveniently available on your wrist. Fitness activity tracking, smart device control, a personal workout coach, and call features are just some of the offerings of this smartwatch.

Incase NoviConnected 4 Wheel Hubless Travel Roller (US$299.95)

Incase NoviConnected 4 Wheel Hubless Travel Roller (US$ 299.95)

The NoviConnected travel roller has a solid polycarbonate construction, a 10050 mAh battery that can be removed, and an impressive design. The travel roller is a carry-on case that can handle any demanding travel experience and will keep your tech devices powered. Great for professionals who want to look sophisticated on a business and holiday trip.

Bluesmart Series 2 Cabin 22″ (US$450)

Bluesmart Series 2 Cabin 22″ (US$ 450)

Digital auto-locking, worldwide location tracking, and a 10000 mAh battery for charging your tech devices is what the Bluesmart offers. It is a carry-on case designed for smart travelers.

HTC VIVE Kit (US$599)

HTC VIVE Kit (US$ 599)

The world of virtual reality is exploding and now you can be a part of this techie world with the HTC Vive. The Vive kit comes with several amazing games and apps to keep you entertained no matter your personal taste.

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