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Best Lunch Bags

More and more people are opting to bring lunches from home now. Not only does it cost less money, it is also a lot healthier for you. One of the reasons that bringing food to work is so unappealing is because you need to find a way to store it. Unless you want your briefcase or handbag to smell like food, you cannot possibly put it there. This is why lunch bags are becoming quite so popular these days. They store various forms of food and drink with ease. Here are some of the best options that are available to you:

1. PackIt Freezable Lunch Bag

freezable lunch bag

The PackIt Lunch bag comes with a fun function. If you want to keep certain foods really cold, now you can. Not only does this bag acts as an insulator, it can also double as a mini fridge for a short period of time. All you have to do is place it in the freezer overnight and the freezable gel in the bag will do the rest. The bag is constructed from non-toxic poly. This means that it is waterproof, making sure that none of your food will spill and stain the outside of the bag. This lunch bag is also really easy to carry. It can be clipped onto one of your other carriers ensuring that you do not have to hold or handle multiple bags at the same time.

2. Transworld Durable Cooler Bag

durable cooler bag

This lunch bag has been specially designed to ensure that all of your cool or cold foods remain so. It is perfect for salads or anything other dishes that need to be maintained at a certain temperature. There is one large, insulated compartment so you can store a large quantity of food in it. In addition to this section, there is also a mesh pocket on the outside along with a small pocket to put your cell phone! Not only does this bag work really well, it is also incredibly easy to carry around. There is a thick shoulder strap to ensure that you can comfortably take this bag with you. When you are done with it, the bag can be easily collapsed and folded. This makes it a lot easier to store as well.

3. BUILT NY Gourmet Getaway Bag

gourmet getaway bag

This NY BUILT bag has a really fun and unique design. It is not just for admiring, however. The structure serves a specific purpose. The flat bottomed bag, allows the containers to be stacked easily. More importantly, it makes sure that the boxes do not shift from side to side and remains secure. All of this is topped off with a tight zip that also works to make sure that your lunch stays in the same position. The handles are easy to grasp and comfortable. The neoprene that the bag is composed of ensures that it is sturdy and also provides adequate insulation. The food will remain either cold or hot for at least four hours after being placed in the bag. The NY BUILT bag is machine washable and can easily be cleaned.

4. EasyLunchboxes Cooler Bag

cooler bag

The EasyLunchboxes bag is ideal for those who like to take large meals with them, on the go. This bag has plenty of space to carry everything that you need, including a drink. The bag is made of 300D polyester which allows it to withstand a greater amount of stress and weight. The insulated interior ensures that an optimal temperature will be maintained within the compartment. You will have a wider choice of what you can carry in this bag. It is also perfectly shaped, ensuring that your meals will not be moving around, even though you are. You can get the EasyLunchboxes bag in a variety of colors as well. There is a thick strap that allows you to carry the bag around with ease. When the bag is not being used, it can fold flat and be conveniently stored in small areas.

5. Everest Lunch Bag

everest lunch bag

The perk of this lunch bag is that is incredibly tough and durable. You can use it to pack your lunch for work but also take it on a hike with you. This is because it is made from 600D polyester. In addition to having a large, main insulated compartment, this bag is equipped with other pockets as well. This includes a place for you to place utensils or other items. There are also two pockets on the sides. You will be able to take as many things with you as you need for a picnic. Despite its rugged exterior, it is quite simple to clean up. It can be quickly and easily wiped down. The Everest cooler lunch bag has a thick, sturdy strap that can be adjusted. It is great for people of all heights and distributes the weight evenly.

6. Art of Lunch Insulated Bag

lunch insulated bag

This Art of Lunch bag has everything that you could need from such an accessory. The bag is made from neoprene. This means that nothing in the bag is getting out and none of the outside elements will be getting inside. Your food will be protected and all of your other belongings will not be in danger from getting stained or spoiled. The bag is also constructed so that when inside, your food will remain the right way up. This is particularly important for liquid foods or drinks. The bag also does an excellent job of ensuring that your food remains as fresh as possible. It ensures freshness for about four hours. It is also easy to carry this Art of Lunch bag around with its comfortable handles on either side. The design is also nice, bright, and cheerful. Finally, it is really easy to clean up the bag as all you have to do is toss it in the washing machine.

7. Hango Insulated Lunch Bag

lunch box cooler bag

One of the difficulties involved in finding a lunch bag is being able to get one that is both attractive and functional. The Hango manages to solve both of these problems. It looks incredibly sophisticated ensuring that you can take it anywhere and not look out of place. There are different color options. You also get two size options. This way, you only have to carry the bag that is perfect for how much food you are carrying. Made of high density polyester, this bag is incredibly durable and so will last you a long time. It also has an excellent insulation system lining the compartment. This means that you can be certain that your food will be maintained at just the right temperature. Your lunch is also going to remain fresher as well.

8. Rip-Stop Double Decker Lunch Bag

double decker lunch bag

What’s better than more food? With the Rip-Stop Double Decker bag, you can pack just that. This bag contains two compartments – one on the top and the bottom. Both sections are well insulated meaning that all of the items will be unspoiled and crisp when it comes out of the bag. There is also a lunch box that is included with the bag, it fits in the bottom half of the bag. This bag is incredibly large and is able to fit a great deal of food. You can even put a water bottle in there. This bag offers easy clean up and can be wiped down. There is a thick, comfortable strap along with the bag. This makes it very portable and the bag can be handled with ease.

9. Danibos Tote Lunch Bag

lunch tote bag

Do you want a lunch bag that does not really look like a lunch bag? If you are looking for a fashionable alternative then this Danibos bag is for you. It is designed to look more like a tote bag and looks incredibly stylish. Still, it is really functional as well with sturdy straps and a moisture proof lining. You can choose to wipe it down or wash it by hand if you want to clean this bag up. There are great if you like to carry around small meals or snacks with you. Carrying this bag around, no one will know that you are really taking your lunch with your everywhere. This is perfect for all those fashionistas out there.
Here are all of the lunch bags that you can choose from if you are looking for a way to carry your food.



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