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Beyond the fingertip gyro explosion models — Slime

Slime is a kind of often appear in electronic games and fantasy fiction of the creature, the creature known as “Dragon Quest” series of basic monsters.


Its body structure is quite diverse, from flowing viscous liquids to semi-solid jelly like, elastic and hopping mobile, sometimes the whole body is single homogeneous, sometimes with eyes, mouth and other organs, depending on the works, there are great differences.

Some sells on Amazon:

slime toy

It has a variety of variants.

Reduced pressure toy

It’s also a relief toy.

We go to YouTube and enter Slime to find that the search results are 22 million 500 thousand:

search result

Put the imaginative stuff with slime soft together to record a video on the social networking site to attract a large number of fans watching.

Compared with the fingertips, it has all become top explosion conditions such as diverse gameplay, you can use the slime to create realistic:

Stress Relief Toy

You can also use to do the art behavior:

art behavior

For example, get a big pot, stick to yourself, then it is unable to lift your underwear.

Fidget Spinner

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