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Buy Less, Spend More, Make It Last

buy less, spend more, make it last

Over the last 50 years, the fashion industry has changed drastically. Though originally a delightful opportunity for practical self-expression, it has evolved into a system that exploits rather than empowers.

Today, garment factories employ roughly 40 million workers, and nearly every one of them endures unfair, exploitative, and often dangerous labor practices!

At The Simple Kind, we want to journey with you to rediscover the beauty in fashion by (1) offering fairly-made + quality garments, and (2) by helping you grow in awareness and make the world of ethical fashion more accessible to your everyday lifestyle.


Maybe you keep thinking, “Great! Yes! But where on earth can I find these fair-trade, ethically-made, organic clothes that fit my lifestyle and my budget and all the rest??”

Since we only make dresses for little gals (for now…), here is a practical formula to help get you started in the world of #EthicalFashion.

Buy less; Spend more; Make it last.

Buy Less:

The phenomenon of “Fast Fashion” is what makes stores like Zara, H&M, and Forever21 do so well – by manufacturing ridiculous amounts of cheap garments (receiving new shipments weekly, if not daily) and selling them at a very small cost. It’s these sort of companies that perpetuate the demand for unethical labor and perpetuate the myth that to stay in fashion, you have to constantly buy MORE. Don’t let dopamine tell you to keep buying – life can be (and is) way more fun than shopping every weekend! Instead, mix and match what you already have, and buy fewer and more versatile pieces. Avoid buying a cheap garment you’ll end up throwing out after just a few washes. Try a thrift store or an ethical fashion brand instead!

Spend more + Choose Well:

Use your buying power to vote for ethical fashion companies that produce quality garments! We must actively support fair trade initiatives around the world that are partnering with factories and artisans to see social and economic empowerment come to communities. These items will likely be more expensive…but HERE’S WHY: your money is spent on quality materials and FAIR labor. Your purchase will actively change the world, and your garment won’t fall apart after a wash or two…they may even spare your skin from the sneaky toxins that pesticides and dyes leave on cheaper garments!

Make it last:

Before you buy a garment, ask yourself, “Will I wear this at least 30 times?” If not, it’s possible you’re shopping with your eyes and not your heart. When we keep our clothes around and determine to get the most out of them, we celebrate the effort and craftsmanship of whoever designed and made them. You’re refusing greed by acknowledging that you have enough.If you put it all together, you can spend the same amount of money on fewer, kinder garments and end up with more favorite, high-quality pieces.As a practical step and a supplement to the research you can do to find out what fair trade clothing opportunities there are in your area, here are a few companies doing really cool things in this arena worth checking out:

You can also browse the Ethical Fashion Forum’s Database for an incredibly comprehensive list of brands and designers.

Search #ethicalfashion on Instagram and see what else is waiting to be discovered!

Happy storytelling, friends!

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