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NexBelt Review


The modern belt has been around for centuries – obviously there is little technology involved and the only materials required are leather and metal. For me, that is part of the appeal of belts. The fact that two simple materials can be combined in so many ways to create a …

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Product Review: Equus Leather Bridle Belts

leather bridle belt

There is something undeniably wonderful about high quality leather products. High-end fabrics are delightful as well, but there’s just something about the feel, smell, and appearance of great leather goods that is fantastic to experience. My most recent leather goods purchase came in the form of two lovely belts from …

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How to Buy a Men’s Belt: The Ultimate Guide

dress belts

Pretty much every part a man’s outfit gets significantly more attention than the lowly belt. It’s treated more like a utility than a fashion piece, and as such, ends up being a product that’s picked up as an after thought, rather than one that’s sought out. In reality though, it …

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How to Buy Leather Belts for Men?

leather belts

Men have fewer accessories as compared to women and generally, tend to fuss much lesser as well. Most of their accessories are utilitarian but there is no reason why they cannot be stylish at the same time. They are mostly chucked into the shopping cart while checking out shirts and …

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