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Why We Choose a Kinzd Slim Wallet + HUGE Discount Code!

Kinzd Slim Crazy Horse Leather Wallet

The age of large, thick wallets are over. Slim and functional wallets have taken over the world and are a much better option for stylish men. If you want a comfortable wallet that is simple and practical, then a slim wallet from Kinzd Wallet will meet your needs. Here are …

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Kinzd RFID Slim Wallet Review

Kinzd RFID Slim Wallet

The Kinzd Slim Wallet is a RFID (Radio-frequency identification) secure slim wallet, that’s made of high quality red wine cork fabric leather. So obsessed with how the Kinzd Wallet is designed. Love the look of the red cork leather which looks so cool and very trendy. Plus it’s made with …

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Update: CardNinja Super Slim Smartphone Wallet ONLY $6.75 USD Now

$12.99 USD $7.95 USD 48% Discount     Lowest price I’ve seen! Just $6.75! Head to and purchase this CardNinja Ultra-slim Self Adhesive Credit Card Wallet for Smartphones only $6.75! Normally $12.99! Can save $6.24 (48%)! Minimize your every day carry with the CardNinja Super Slim Smartphone Wallet. CardNinja can store up to 8 cards AND …

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Basics Wallet

Basics Wallet

The main idea of the Basics Wallet is to be a slim but stylish design that offers easy access to four of your main cards. It achieves this by using a simple lever mechanism that we’ll touch on a bit more later. It is branded to be a simple design …

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Secrid Slim Wallet Review

Secrid Slim Wallet

These days, it’s not enough for your minimalist wallet to just be slim. The Secrid Wallet really set itself apart from the rest of the crowd with how you use it. Its innovative design features a patent-pending lever that slides your cards out with a simple push. This complexity of …

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Hands On: The Ridge Wallet


Wallets are an exceedingly interesting piece of gear. And the reason is several-fold. For starters, versions of them have existed for just about exactly as long as currency has – literally thousands of years – as people have always needed a means by which to carry their money. Secondly, their …

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Dear Ladies, here’s a perfect gift for men

woolet smart wallet

New Year means new occasions such as birthdays, holidays and, Valentine’s Day. You’ve run out of ideas for original gifts for men: your partner, father, brother or friends? Don’t worry, Woolet is here to help you! Finding a perfect gift for a man is not an easy task. You don’t …

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Faler Leathers – bifold wallet review

thin credit card holder

Around 2011/2012, there seemed to have been an explosion of interest in leather crafting – with handy folks taking up leatherwork, and part-time crafters turning their hobby into a profession. One of the many American craftsmen to launch their brand at the time was John Faler of Dayton, Ohio. His …

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Keplero Wallet Review

Keplero luxury wallet

The Keplero luxury wallet just launched on Kickstarter and has had an incredible start to its campaign, it took only 9 hours to reach its $10,000 funding goal, and has already raised over $66,000 after just a few days, and with 56 days of funding left to go, there’s no …

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Best Tactical Wallets Reviews

tactical wallets

Wallets are one of those couples of items that appear to be all around. Everybody from ruler to beggar needs something in which to pull their identification, cards, and cash – regardless of how little. Like this, there are assortments for nearly every stroll of life. That implies that, from …

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The Back To School Essential

elastic strap money clip

School time is rolling in like a manic depressive disease, and it’s time to get to shopping. Stores are going to have some sick discounts on printer paper and pens, and some not so sick discounts on those $2,000 Macbooks you’rerequiredto have. But, there is one thing… one thing that …

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Grovemade Compact Bifold Wallet

Grovemade’s new Compact Bifold Wallet is nearly 30% smaller than a typical bifold wallet, and one of the very few billfold wallets in production that can also be considered a minimalist wallet. Available in your choice of black or tan, each wallet is hand-sewn by Yonezawa Leather Company from a …

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The Best Coin Wallets for EDC

coin wallet

A minimal card wallet can do wonders for slimming down your pockets, but optimizing your carry doesn’t have to mean going smaller. Most card carrying wallets have a spot for stashing a bill or two, but what if you live in a country where coins are a major form of …

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The 15 Best Bifold Wallets

bifold wallet

Money clips, tri-folds, tactical wallets. With so many options out there these days purchasing a wallet can become highly overwhelming. So much so in fact that occasionally we find ourselves simply giving up after a several thwarted attempts. We ask questions regarding carrying capacity, security, perks, and idiosyncratic features that …

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Axess Slim Front Pocket Wallets

Axess slim front pocket wallets

Simply the thought of stuffing a typical wallet into a front pocket is enough to make us squirm. Bulk is not something we’re looking for. That’s what makes the Axess wallet so intriguing. Just half the size of a regular wallet, Axess delivers all the functionality of a full-sized wallet, …

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