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Bifold Wallet

Dear Ladies, here’s a perfect gift for men

woolet smart wallet

New Year means new occasions such as birthdays, holidays and, Valentine’s Day. You’ve run out of ideas for original gifts for men: your partner, father, brother or friends? Don’t worry, Woolet is here to help you! Finding a perfect gift for a man is not an easy task. You don’t …

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Faler Leathers – bifold wallet review

thin credit card holder

Around 2011/2012, there seemed to have been an explosion of interest in leather crafting – with handy folks taking up leatherwork, and part-time crafters turning their hobby into a profession. One of the many American craftsmen to launch their brand at the time was John Faler of Dayton, Ohio. His …

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Grovemade Compact Bifold Wallet

Grovemade’s new Compact Bifold Wallet is nearly 30% smaller than a typical bifold wallet, and one of the very few billfold wallets in production that can also be considered a minimalist wallet. Available in your choice of black or tan, each wallet is hand-sewn by Yonezawa Leather Company from a …

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Introducing: Woolet Smart RFID

woolet smart rfid wallet

The Woolet ecosystem gained a new family member: Woolet Smart RFID. Learn more about it!   Have you heard about skimming? It’s a digital crime of getting private information about somebody else’s cards or IDs by using a small device. That way skimmers can not only steal your money, but …

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Distil Union Wally Agent

minimalist wallet

Simpler is better, especially when it comes to your wallet (and what’s inside). A good minimalist wallet helps you pare down what you carry to just the essentials. But a great one does it seamlessly, while being even easier to use in the process. Distil Union’s EDC wallets accomplish this …

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15 Best Bifold Wallets

bifold wallets

While its purpose is simple in theory, the bifold wallet must do so much more than just carry our everyday essentials, credit cards, and bank notes. It must carry these essentials while also carrying and displaying to the world our personal sense of style and sophistication. As a piece we …

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Dash Access Bifold Wallet

mens front pocket credit card wallet

There’s no shortage of great minimalist wallets for your everyday carry, in no small part due to Dash’s offerings. While they’re definitely compact and affordable, none of the wallets in their lineup offered both RFID protection and a no-fuss way to carry cash, until now. Enter the Access Bifold, Dash’s …

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