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Why We Choose a Kinzd Slim Wallet + HUGE Discount Code!

Kinzd Slim Crazy Horse Leather Wallet

The age of large, thick wallets are over. Slim and functional wallets have taken over the world and are a much better option for stylish men. If you want a comfortable wallet that is simple and practical, then a slim wallet from Kinzd Wallet will meet your needs. Here are …

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Kinzd RFID Slim Wallet Review

Kinzd RFID Slim Wallet

The Kinzd Slim Wallet is a RFID (Radio-frequency identification) secure slim wallet, that’s made of high quality red wine cork fabric leather. So obsessed with how the Kinzd Wallet is designed. Love the look of the red cork leather which looks so cool and very trendy. Plus it’s made with …

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Basics Wallet

Basics Wallet

The main idea of the Basics Wallet is to be a slim but stylish design that offers easy access to four of your main cards. It achieves this by using a simple lever mechanism that we’ll touch on a bit more later. It is branded to be a simple design …

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Secrid Slim Wallet Review

Secrid Slim Wallet

These days, it’s not enough for your minimalist wallet to just be slim. The Secrid Wallet really set itself apart from the rest of the crowd with how you use it. Its innovative design features a patent-pending lever that slides your cards out with a simple push. This complexity of …

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Hands On: The Ridge Wallet


Wallets are an exceedingly interesting piece of gear. And the reason is several-fold. For starters, versions of them have existed for just about exactly as long as currency has – literally thousands of years – as people have always needed a means by which to carry their money. Secondly, their …

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Carl Friedrik Leather Goods

leather laptop case

When it comes to everyday carry, there is a certain something about leather goods that really resonates with us here at Coolector HQ and finding a purveyor of such goods is no easy task when you’re after both style and quality craftsmanship but there is both of these qualities in …

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Business Card Holders You Need Right Now

business credit card

Let’s play out a scenario, shall we? You’re out to lunch when you stop dead in your tracks. Across the street at your favorite café is the blogger you’ve been idolizing for years! As a blogger and business owner yourself, you think a collaboration can definitely benefit both parties. You …

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Trove Slim Wallet Review

awesome slim wallet

We are delighted to introduce you to Trove, a new format for carrying your everday cards, cash, tools… Photos of your best friend, bottle opener, club card, train tickets, stickers, poems, phems, phone numbers, business cards, flower pressings, ID, hotel soap, travel card, ideas scribbled on paper scraps… Basically anything …

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Review: Stitch & Locke SLIDE Wallet

front pocket slim wallet

Stitch & Locke SLIDE Wallet Review and Giveaway Calvin designed the SLIDE wallet for a friend who was looking to abandon the big floppy wallet with a unique carrying solution for just the bare necessities. This first prototype was admired by guys from all over the country with many of …

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