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DIY valentine’s day: 5 Handmade Valentine Gifts

Today we’re be sharing a few of our favorite low-cost and easy-to-make 5 DIY Valentine’s Day projects. Whether you’re looking for flower arrangements, something to sew or just a simple handmade card, this roundup of 5 projects has something for every recipient — and every budget. No matter what you choose, a little handmade something is always a hit. xo, grace.

red rose flower arrangements

DIY Heart Card Vase

Difficulty: Easy

Cost: Only what you need to spend on flowers

Time: 5 minutes



  1. Glass vase or cup (I used an old drinking glass that was stained from a DIY fail.)
  2. Mod Podge
  3. Brush
  4. Printer/paper
  5. Flowers



  1. Pick your images and measure the height of your glass or vase. Print them to fit the outside of your vase from top to bottom.
  2. Apply a thin later of Mod Podge to the back of your printed design and carefully lay it on top of the vase. Use your fingers to gently press out any air bubbles.
  3. Once the first layer of Mod Podge dries, apply another thin layer to the outside of the paper to seal it. Add flowers and you’re done!

Heart-shaped Paper clips

Heart-shaped Paper clips

heart-shaped paper clip


Valentine Book Collection


1.4 books of approximately equal size

2.2 large sheets of white drawing paper (approx. 19″ x 25″ or larger)

3.2 large sheets of pink drawing paper (approx. 19″ x 25″ or larger) I recommend a relatively lightweight paper for the white “inside” jacket and a thicker drawing paper for the “outside” jacket.

4.1 Fiskars Shape Cutter tool

5.1 Fiskars Hearts Template 4855

6.pencil marker

8.24″ paper cutter (or a rotary cutter and X-Acto knife will work fine)

9.24″ ruler

10.double-sided tape or paper glue



  1. Pick out your books.
  2. Cut the book jackets to size.
  3. Fold the jackets around the books.
  4. Cut the heart shapes on the pink jackets.
  5. Write L-O-V-E letters.
  6. Make the book band.

valentine pins beauty

Valentine Projects from Purl Bee (above & below)

Valentine Projects from Purl Bee

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