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Fidget Cube: the Ultimate Stress Reliever

Fidget CubeMany congenitally blind students have mannerism that can be distracting in the classroom and/or mannerisms that may not be social acceptable. Other students find that fidgeting helps them concentrate in the classroom. The Fidget Cube has been used successfully with many students on the autism spectrum. Will this simple device help replace inappropriate mannerisms and/or help these fidgeting blind students focus better in the classroom? Would a student who is typically tactually defensive want to touch and tactually explore this intriguing toy?


The Fidget Cube desk toy has been designed to help students relieve stress and anxiety and help students focus. Each side features something to fidget with: Click. Glide. Flip. Breathe. Roll. Spin.

The music only Fidget Cube video below demonstrates the feature on each side of the cube:

  1. Click – Five buttons that click when pushed in
  2. Roll – Three tactile gears and a rolling ball
  3. Flip – Rocker switch that rocks back and forth
  4. Spin – Endless rotating dial
  5. Breathe – Optimal touch for anxiety relief (indented oval shape)
  6. Glide – Press and glide the joystick

The Fidget Cube is modeled after things we fidget with everyday, like pens and keys! The video shows a man fidgeting with his pen then dropping the pen to pick up and fidget with the Fidget Cube. The man slides the Fidget Cube into his front pants pocket. The Fidget Cube comes in six colors.

The Ultimate Stress Reliever Toy *HIGHLY ADDICTIVE* from Dudes Gadget on Vimeo.

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