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Field Notes Wallet

field notes wallet

Many people carry Field Notes or similar pocket notebooks, but they’re usually not too durable. Anyone who has ever EDC’d a notebook knows that sometimes pages get torn out and covers get worn. It happens. Putting your notebook in a leather book cover like the Leather Field Notes Wallet can protect it from everyday wear and tear. Not only does it keep your valuable notes safe, but its extra features let it double as a wallet too.

As its name implies, the Field Notes Wallet keeps your notebook in tip-top shape and stores your cards with three dedicated slots. Under the card slots is a single large pocket where you can stash cash and other small items. Each wallet is handmade from genuine leather, and the craftsmanship is reflected in the stitching and overall fit and finish.

You can ditch your bulky wallet, keep your notes intact, and add a classic-looking leather item that ages well with your carry. It’s a win-win-win. If you’re looking for a more practical way to carry your pocket notebooks, hit the link below and check out the Field Notes Wallet.

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  1. Derek Chowaniec

    This item is really well built. Quality leather was used and there is no doubt that this item was built to last. I just wish that shipping could have been quicker but i think this is normal for international orders. Will do business with this vendor again!!

  2. Ed Bonpin

    I placed a special order for four leather covers with special leather and color combinations. Mihai worked with me throughout the process explaining the leather and suggesting the thread combination. When we finalized, he created a custom order. Prior to shipment, I was sent pictures of my order. I received the shipment. The products are meticulously made with very good craftsmanship, leather was of good quality. Packaging was sufficient and delivery was on time. I would recommend this artisan and will purchase from him again in the future.

  3. Thomas Ekeberg-Andersen
    Thomas Ekeberg-Andersen

    Awesome product. Perfect fit for my everyday carry needs. Takes my most important credit cards, drivers licence and my always-needed Field Notes notebook. Cannot speak high enough of MiHai. The customs in Norway took forever to process the letter (4 weeks) without any information to be had at all. Therefore Mihai send me another new wallet, which arrived almost at the same time as the first one. So now I have two great wallets (future gift maybe?). But absolutely the best experience, prompt responses to all my enquiries and very helpful.

  4. Jaren Pangelinan

    Great wallet. My main concern with picking a new wallet was having my notebook protected and being able to combine it with only my essential wallet needs so I can lessen the amount of things I need to carry. Mihai has craftsmanship on it. It looks and feels (and smells) great and I can’t wait to start using it in my everyday carry, especially breaking the leather in long term. Overall fantastic product. Thanks Mihai!

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