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Gifts for kids, Xiaomi MITU MI Robot Builder Rover

Xiaomi MITU MI Robot Builder Rover

The ability to pass the imagination, go beyond as easily as walking on firm earth.

The MITU MI Robot Builder Rover has a strong climbing ability, the crawler components are made of light and high strength materials, the unique reinforcement of anti-skid tendons increases the strength and grip of the crawler plate. The MI Robot Builder Rover can also go smoothly on complex terrain, which brings you unprecedented fun.

MI Robot Builder Rover

This is definitely a challenging and rewarding remote control kit. Mi Robot Builder Building Kit Remote Control Toy is something that kits like this have started depending on Bluetooth and Smartphones, as if every kid has one. I have to loan my son my iPhone whenever he wants to play with it. The building of the robot is challenging. According to my son and by my observation and “supervision,” it does require more patience and perseverance than his prior lego projects — that were no small feats (i.e. Helms Deep). Some of these pieces require more carefulness and finger strength to work with. It all comes together, though, and that’s a lot of pieces when they are all laid out before you. This is as much an educational project as it is a play project. I could see this being an exercise for various types of learning projects.


There were several areas where the instructions could have been much clearer according to my son. He built this over the course of a month, and he estimates he probably spend an hour or more making corrections where he had to go back and redo something when the instructions were confusing.


Once assembled, we downloaded the app onto his iPod Touch and started “driving” the robot. Once turned on the robot has to be moving or it will fall over. The controls are easy to use and understand.


I was surprised that the dinosaur and airplane instructions did not come with the package, since they are pictured on the Amazon page. Apparently, you have to go to the website for those plans.

Mi Robot Builder Building Kit Remote Control Toy

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