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Vivienne Westwood comes from the title “Buy less, choose well” in the title, and I’ve been working on it for about two years to get this idea into my everyday life. While earlier the habits of consumer society have been defined and bought everything that was discounted, and what I thought I needed it, I’d rather buy less, but better quality, time-consuming stuff today. How did I get here?

buy less choose well

When I came to the university and finally got some extra money from the scholarships, I bought almost all the cheap vacks. If they put out the promotion table somewhere, I ran, and regardless of whether I needed that stuff, I bought it because it was so cheap, it’s worth it for the stupid one. Well, for me. I’ve never been the type of person who is sorry to buy or eat, but he was emotionally charged when I came home with stuffed napkins. Then, of course, over time I realized that this feeling would never last longer than 1 day, so I went back and forth to “shop around” to see if I could see some unmissable offer. I was scrapped out of the season for a season and bought new clothes, dresses and makeup, and I never felt that it was enough, now I have everything. I just could not really make use of my existing business and take advantage of the opportunities that I have, because there have always been newer and newer pieces for the old ones.

Then, as I started to work and hit the “adult life”, I realized that this could not be sustained in the long run, as I would never be able to achieve my long-term goals, such as purchasing my own home. In addition, the other great disincentive is that after an 8-hour business day and after doing the homework I will not have time or energy to go and buy the malls. Specifically, my time and energy remain, but not that. Today I am much better able to enjoy a hearty walk on Nagyerdő and Békás Lake as a 2-3 hour shopping tour.

I realized that half of the objects around me do not need anything and just prevent me from concentrating on important things.

This is not about resignation, not about missing something, but about having to cover only things that fill up with real values and which make my everyday life simpler.

I learned how I can use a “full-fledged” life with my existing things without constantly spinning on what I still need. Because the many things I’ve been surrounded by myself have just created chaos and continuous clutter in my home and in my life.

The following 8 tips and conventions have helped me greatly to create and maintain a simpler, more minimalist and happier life:

all you need is less

1. I outsulted and gave away my spare stuff
At first I got into the middle of the dickhead and sorted out things I do not need anymore. I started with my desk, where I was released from 2 drawer rubbish. Then came my wardrobe, the cupboard, and the bathroom. I would like to write a separate entry for these selections, because I think this is “worth a measure”.

2. I keep planning my finances
At the beginning of each month, I make a financial plan to see what I will be spending each month. So, I know how much money I will be paying after paying my bills and other compulsory things, and how much I can put away from it. There are middle goals (eg holidays, orthodontics, eye surgery) and long-term (eg home purchase) financial goals, which I am trying to put up every month. From the remaining amount, I buy such “intelligent” things that I develop and bring forward, either professionally or in my hobby.

3. My actions are not my actions
Today, the big red, bargain tables can not really fuse. If I rarely get to a clothing store, I’ll tell you that okay, the deals have started again, but I’m not just starting to look at it like I did a long time ago. I’ll buy when I want to, and not when the stores want me to buy. Of course, if I know I have to find a new winter coat next year, and find the perfect piece in the summer 50% cheaper then I’ll buy it. The focus is on releasing unnecessary things.

4. I’m only going to shop if I really need something
In order to avoid unnecessary purchases, the first time I knowedly bought the stores where I was able to leave half a salary earlier. Today I do not spend my time with unreasonable plowing, but at first, this tactic helped me so much, because I did not even give it a chance to seduce me. This also applies to food purchases. When I first jumped into the store almost every day for a couple of things, I spent a lot more of the little things I did not need, but I just wanted them. 1-2 tomatoes, a yogurt, a little salty nasi, and I came home with a packed bag when I jumped for a little vegetable.

want better not more

5. Before buying, I’ll have a good look at things
This applies mainly to cosmetics and electronic things. I do not buy without having to be 100% sure that the thing will fit my needs. Even before purchasing a simple vitamin, I read a number of forums about opinions and patches, and even so I sometimes get it. Of course, somebody can say that he is not going to spend his whole life reading through the forums, but if you want to buy a few things from the bottom, you do not have much time to spend with that.

6. I will not buy things for my future life
I could overdo the decorating accessories of the home because I bought some of the things that I intended to “come to my own home”. Pictures, pillowcases, beautiful blankets, little cartoons, which then served as room and dustbags. Over time, I realized that the 45 m2 we are currently living in is unable to absorb so much fuss, so I will not buy them now if they are at a very good price. Not because we may have our own home, you will not like the thing or you just will not fit into the environment.

7. I try to make the most of my current stock
By failing to buy dozens of clothes for months to months, I’m more forced to combine my existing pieces. And often I’m surprised how much of a collection can be made from a single leather jacket.

8. I buy fewer but better quality products
And if I still need something, I’m trying to buy a better quality, durable piece that I can use for many years. This way, I save money, lots of space, and save time in the long run. In short, I make my life much simpler, cleaner, and livelier.

I am delighted to have found this journey and have managed to change my thinking about finance and spending. If you sometimes feel that there are just a lot of things you are currently living in, then I’m thrilled to recommend you to try these tips. Even a tiny change can bring a tremendous turn and a liberating feeling to your life.

Why would you add the list to that?

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