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How to Buy Less and Choose Well

how to buy Less and choose well

Buy less and choose well. Living with the essentials, as a family, means actively choosing to consume less *stuff*.

Minimalism is not throwing away everything and starting over or even trying to reach a certain number of items to reduce your possessions to. If this were true, then we would actually be creating more waste and consuming more. If you focus on the meaning behind essentialism rather than the actual stuff, that’s when you start to see a change in your everyday.

It looks different for every family, so let us explain:

Minimalism is:

  1. Being grateful for what you already have. We are constantly bombarded with advertisements telling us we need more stuff. When in reality, we actually have all that we need. At Wildly Co., we choose to invest in relationships and love people, rather than things.
  2. Treating the items you have with respect. Because you choose to minimize what you have, whether that be clothing or shoes or books, these items need to be taken care of to last longer. Purchasing durable, quality items from the beginning will ensure that your items will have a longer lifecycle.
  3. Focusing on less buying. Instead of buying the new toy or gadget, focus your energy on adding experiences as a family. This does not have to be extravagant. Try playing outside together, having a game night, or fixing a meal together. Slow down and make memories that cannot wear out or be taken away.

Essentialism is a conversation about what matters most to your family. Let’s be responsible consumers. Those who invest their time and resources in people, not in things.



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