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Keplero Wallet Review

Keplero luxury wallet

The Keplero luxury wallet just launched on Kickstarter and has had an incredible start to its campaign, it took only 9 hours to reach its $10,000 funding goal, and has already raised over $66,000 after just a few days, and with 56 days of funding left to go, there’s no telling where it will end. We kind of expected this to be the case though. Obviously it is easy to say that now, but we were lucky enough to be sent a sample from the good people at Erasnep LLC – the people behind the Keplero wallet – a couple of weeks back, and we could tell then that this wallet was going to make some waves. It is unlike any other wallet we’ve ever seen, and it is quite rare for us to say that. This is a truly innovative wallet that does something very different, and it does it in a very stylish and slick manner.

Since we have received our very own Keplero wallet, and are lucky enough to be amongst the first to have that privilege in the whole world, it seems only right that we give it the proper review treatment so we can help you know whether it is the wallet for you. Here is our Keplero Wallet Review:


The Keplero wallet sets out to be both thin and extremely light. Already we like where this is going. But it doesn’t just stop there; the vision behind Keplero is to create something truly unique, and this is achieved by creating what is the worlds first magnetic luxury wallet. “Magnets?” you say – yes, this does sound a little out of the ordinary, but trust us, it works a treat. The Keplero wallet consists of a number of plates, held together entirely by magnets. This allows it to be taken apart, slimmed down and added to as necessary. We’ll come onto the specifics of how this all works later, but we think you’re beginning to understand what makes Keplero so unique.

The wallet is designed so that the plates are bonded together by the magnets, but can swivel into a sort of fan position to reveal the cards held inside, which can be slid out and returned to the slots easilty, and the wallet then collapsed in one easy motion. This is probably easier to understand if you see it, rather than just read about it, so the gif below should help you understand exactly what we mean.

Carbon Fiber


The wallet is made almost entirely of Carbon Fiber, which is what allows it to be both extremely light and durable. If you don’t know much about carbon fiber, it is an extremely strong material used in things like luxury yachts, aircraft and so on, where strength and weight need to be finely balanced. The only other materials used are a small amount of metal for the trim, and of course the magnets.

Let’s touch on the magnets briefly, as they are a pivotal part of what makes this wallet work. In fact, they are literally the pivot that allows the plates to fan out and give access to the cards. There are three magnets on each carbon fiber plate, a large one at the bottom which keeps the wallet together and provides the pivot point, and two smaller ones on each side, near to the top, which keep the plates in position when they are pivoted to fan out. It’s all rather simple, but at the same time totally ingenious.

carbon fiber plate

When we first heard about the idea of the Keplero, before actually getting hold of one, our main concern was that the magnets wouldn’t be strong enough and the wallet would be a real pain to keep together. Having seen it ourselves though we can definitely state this is not the case. I’m not sure where they sourced these magnets from, but I’m willing to bet the ACME corporation was involved! They are extremely strong, so strong in fact that you can casually throw the plates together and they will stick. So there are no concerns in that regard.


The design of the Keplero wallet is one of its biggest charms. It is kept largely plain, with the attractive carbon fiber material enough to give it a classy appearance. The only decoration comes in the form of the metal plaques on the front side, next to the engraved Keplero logo. This gives just enough detail to draw attention, but not so much that it becomes too busy. The metal plaques are available in either aluminium or gold. For the absolute purists, there is the option to have no plaque at all and just stick to the carbon fiber entirely, or for the more extravagant amongst you there are options for personalised plaque engravings, and if you happen to have $2,900 burning a hole in your pocket, you can even get an exclusive edition 18k gold plaque embedded with three certified crystals. Obviously we would have gone for that one, but we didn’t want to look too flashy down at the checkouts in Lidl…

carbon fiber wallet

As we briefly mentioned before, the Keplero is made up of plates held together by the magnets, which then fan out to produce slots for cards. The minumum you can have is the front and back plate, each of which hold one card. You can then add middle plates as desired, each of which has slots for two cards – one on each side. The back plate also has a money clip which provides storage for a few notes, should you wish.

This is totally dependent on what you want. Because plates can be added and removed as simply as chucking them in and letting the magnets do their magic, this is entirely customisable. The minimum this wallet can be is a single front and back plate, giving storage for two cards, as well as notes in the money clip on the back plate. Middle plates can then be added, each of which holds two additional cards, so adding one middle plate would give you 4 card slots in total. The sample Keplero we’ve got has two middle plates, so 6 card slots, and seems to us like it would be a good amount for most people.

card holder

In theory, the amount of middle plates you could add is endless, but my estimation is that once you get about 10 plates fanned out, it will be a full circle, so that is probably the limit. However, that is going to be seriously chunky. My personal thoughts would be that 3 middle plates would probably be as much as you would want before things start getting a bit silly. This would give space for 8 cards, and would be a little on the thick side in my opinion, but probably no worse that your average traditional bi-fold.

Having said all this, during the Kickstarter, the wallet is only being sold in 4 and 6 card capacity versions (so 1 or 2 middle plates). Whether middle plates will be available to buy separately after the Kickstarter, once the product is properly launched, I’m not sure, but it would make sense to me that they were.

It’s also worth noting that you can always remove plates if you wish, so if you decide you need less cards for a while, simply remove one of your middle plates to instantly sim down your wallet.


The Keplero wallet should in theory last practically forever. There are no mechanical moving parts that can go wrong with it, and carbon fiber is renowned for its strength and durability.

The only question marks then come upon the magnets and the plaques. Embedded things like these plaques have a tendency to come loose after a long period of use. I must say here on the Keplero they look to be extremely well fitted and secured, so I don’t think it will happen any time soon on the Keplero, if at all. As for the magnets, I’m no expert on this, but I’m under the impression that magnets keep their strength pretty much for ever. According to a quick google search, modern magnets lose about 1% of their strength over a 10 year period, this means if there are any 10 year olds considering buying this, and plan to live to 100 and keep this wallet their entire lives, it will be operating at just over 90% by the time they die… Shoddy modern workmanship 😉

minimalist wallet

We should note that the way the cards are stored means they slide against each other as the wallet is used. This will mean the cards will wear fairly quickly, and that silver stuff that covers the embossed numbers will wear off even quickly than usual. If you are particularly precious about your cards, this is something to bear in mind. When they are stored in something this stylish though, who’s going to care what your actual cards look like!
Ease of use

The Keplero is very simple to use. Simply fan the plates out, similarly to how you would do with a deck of cards, to reveal the cards inside, then slide the one you need out, which is very easy and smooth. It can then be returned to its slot and the wallet simply collapses back on itself, securing the cards inside. This can be done perfectly well with one hand if you are dexterous enough, though is much easier with two. At this point it is worth pointing out that ‘over-faanning’ the wallet out can cause cards to drop out as they are no longer held in place by anything. Once you realise the natural stop points of the support magnets, designed to prevent this, you won’t have this problem.

money clip

As for cash, it is nice that the Keplero has some capacity for this, though it isn’t exactly the focus of the wallet design. Notes are held in what is essentially a simple money clip on the back of the wallet, so is fairly easy to access, though will need to be folded and stacked. If you get on well with a money clip, you’re going to be fine with this. If you don’t, or have never used one, it will take a little getting used to, but works just fine.

The dimensions of the Keplero are as follows: 104mm length by 66mm wide. As for the all important thickness, this obviously depends on the amount of plates used. With just the front and back plate, the Keplero measures an impressive 4.7mm in depth. Each middle plate adds and additional 2.6mm, so for a 6 card capacity wallet you are looking at a little under 10mm in thickness. That is actually pretty impressive. There are few wallet with as nice a feature that can come close to rivaling that level of minimalism.

The wallet is also pretty light too. When loaded with 6 cards, mine weighed in at just 72 grams. Obviously that is a fair amount more than something truly minimalist like a TROVE or Wolyt Sleeve, but for what it is and offers, that is certainly respectable, especially given its durability.

RFID Protection

Yes. Thanks to its carbon fiber materials the Keplero wallet is entirely RFID proof.

RFID Protection


The Keplero Wallet is branded as a luxury wallet, and is priced as such. We’re not sure what the final retail price will be of the Keplero, but on Kickstarter it is currently priced between $69 (around £45) for the most basic, 4 card version, up to $129 (around £84) for the premium, 6 card version. There are several options in between those two price levels, as well, of course, as the $2,900 (about £1880) diamond encrusted version should it take your fancy.

We very much like to see new innovative ideas being implemented into wallets, but often even the best ideas end up being executed poorly due to cost cutting or lack of proper care and planning. Thankfully the the team behind Keplero have followed a great innovative idea all the way through to a superb, well produced and quality feeling wallet. This comes at a price though – Keplero have achieved this by avoiding the temptation to cut corners and offer lower prices, they have decided to create a premium product, which is priced as such. We feel that given the quality and innovative nature, this wallet is well worth considering for those who want a luxury wallet, and the price is well justified in the final product.

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