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Leathario Leather Weekend Travel Duffel Bags Review

leather weekend travel duffel bags

This Leathario Leather Weekend Travel Duffel Bags by itself will express a feeling of luxury. It was made by one of many high-quality materials out there that you will find it in many products such as leather belts, wallets, and car seats, etc.

Therefore, when I made a decision to buy a leather duffel bag for a short vacation, I saw this bag on the internet. It is something that satisfied my needs.

  • Made from 100% top-quality cowhide
  • Traditional and vintage style
  • Outstanding and superb craftsmanship especially the sturdy nylon thread sewing
  • Well-made and good-quality hardware without fading or rust
  • Smooth and fluent zipper
  • Removable and adjustable shoulder strap
  • Sturdy and anti-wear studs and base for protection
  • 17.6″ x 8.4″ x 10.5″

Product Packaging

I was quite worried about how it will be packed, simply because it is a high-quality leather product. I had purchased a nylon travel bag couple of years back, and I was just kept in the storeroom.

Fortunately, it delivered with a huge box without folded in a tiny box with plastic cover. I am happy it was packed with the professional way.

The duffel bag just like it was filled in the box lay and ready for my short vacation. Of course, it was packed fully with a lot of newspapers. This is usually a good practice for showing the shape of the bag and keep it intact.

I am so glad the seller kept it like this. By the way, the bag was packaged in plastic which is high-quality, it can protect the bag during the transit.

Quality of the Bag

After removing all the newspaper, I can check how the bag looks like from the inside. The bag is made from top-quality full-grain leather.

The bag comes with two handles that can be connected by using the two button holder on the top; they attached tightly and correctly. It also comes with a leather luggage tag with a plastic window which attaches to the handles.

There is white color stitching all around the entire length on both sides of the handles. It has two loops on the sides which you can connect the shoulder strap. The strap is put inside the bag in the beginning. The spring loaded joining metal is created from brass, and it is good quality.

There is a soft adjustable piece of leather in the middle of the shoulder strap, which can reduce stress on your shoulders if the bag is heavy or carry for a long time.

There are five plastic round feet on the base which were covered in plastic separately when I received the bag. By the way, when the bag empty, it’s not heavy at all.

Quality of the Leather

There will be a little unpleasant smell when you take the bag out from the plastic cover. It’s very common that every new leather bag should have this kind of smell.

The seller suggests me to keep the bag in a ventilated place for a couple of hours after taking out, and the smell will vanish eventually. Perhaps you like the smell and hope not to fade away so fast; then you don’t have to do this.

The exterior does appear to be it was polished, and it’s done in an entirely consistent approach. In my opinion, the color of the leather over the whole bag is very consistent too. If you discover there are some wrinkles from the leather, don’t worry, it is the sign of genuine leather.

Quality of Zipper & Pockets

The zipper handles are also created from genuine leather. The zipper itself run over the 3/4 of the top area. As you can see, it seems like a large U. No problem found with closing and opening the zippers, and they worked very well.

The only downside I found is that the bag has no external pockets. However, there are many internal pockets instead. Fortunately, the bag comes with a big laptop pocket on one horizontal side, good for me as I always need to carry my laptop.

Noted that the pocket is only for those small to medium size laptops, iPad and tablets just fit nicely. Additionally, you can find a zipped horizontal pocket and three vertical pockets.

You can keep your power bank or earphones in the vertical pockets. Keep things like cash, wallet or credit cards that you don’t want to be visible directly in the zipped horizontal pocket.


Overall, this Leathario Leather Weekend Travel Duffel Bags is an excellent bag for short trips or a weekend vacation and best for those who prefer to carry the bag by themselves on the flight.

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