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Lily Jade Elizabeth Diaper Bag Review

Almost a year ago Aliesha started using a Lily Jade diaper bag (Shaylee in Brandy), and she can truly say that it is one of her favorite mom/baby essentials! All the pockets… the leather… the removable insert… what’s not to love?

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Aliesha thought it would be fun to try out a new leather color, so this time she chose the Lily Jade Elizabeth diaper bag in Camel. This color leather is lighter and so fun. The Elizabeth has shorter shoulder straps as well as a long strap that can be worn at hip length, crossbody, or converted to a backpack (clearly the BEST way to wear it!).

shoulder bagBeing a mom requires bringing a load of stuff everywhere you go, so having a large, gorgeous bag makes me feel less like a bag lady and more like a fashionista. Still, the many pockets (count ’em… 23!) contain all of the things you need with you anytime you leave the house.

leather diaper bagThe insert that keeps everything organized inside the bag is wipeable and washable (a lifesaver when something leaks or spills inside the bag). It’s also a fun, cheery red which makes finding stuff in the bottom a total breeze!

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Aliesha loves wearing the Elizabeth in the backpack carry because it feels like she have an extra arm free. It’s perfect for outings where she’ll be wearing it for a while, as it evenly distributes the weight across both of her shoulders!

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As I mentioned, she loves that this bag is made out of beautiful, soft leather. It’s built to last! The hardware on it is so nice too. While Shaylee in Brandy came with gold hardware, the Elizabeth in Camel comes with silver hardware. It’s fresh and pretty! (But the hardware tone is so preferential, so I love that Lily Jade provides choices everyone can love!)

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Baby Diaper BagCan’t neglect to mention that the inner organizer includes a matching changing pad (in the signature cheery red). This is perfect for diaper changes on the go. Once again, it’s washable, so you don’t need to worry about ruining anything!

baby gear daypackYou can use the outer pockets for things you access often… phone, keys, lip balms, & sunglasses. You can quickly grab exactly what you need!

travel diaper bagsWe are pretty sure no one has any idea that this bag is a diaper tote bag on the inside! It’s just so stealthy (in a very stylish way). Great work, Lily Jade!

diaper tote bagI realize that the Lily Jade bags are a bit of an investment, but if it’s something you can find money for in the budget, I think they are definitely worth it. These are beautiful bags made to last (you can use it for all of your babies, then take out the baby bag insert and use it as a regular purse). They are timeless in style and look great with any outfit. Aliesha uses this bag every single time when leave the house, so it certainly gets a lot of use! She’s glad she has a bag she loves and can count on to last through the years.

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You can learn more about Lily Jade bags here!

baby diaper bag backpackWant to learn how to convert the Elizabeth to a backpack carry? Well, you could just slip the shoulder strap through the loop and call it a day, but I recently learned a new technique that you can see in the photos in this post!


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