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Makketh Bi-fold Slim Wallet & Card Holder

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Jhon had always complained about his bulky wallet and along with the majority of the men, he does not carry a bag all the time so the wallet is always in his back pocket. On top of his desk related back and shoulder aches, not having him seating properly does have an effect on him. You see, his hips would not be leveled to make up the bulky pocket on only one side of his butt cheek.

That’s when I came across Makketh’s Bi-fold Slim Wallet on FB. Granted, such wallets were not a new concepts but I just happened to see it on my FB wall and ta’da, it was Makketh’s launch sales. With Jhon’s birthday (at that time) around the corner, I bought it and gave him as an advanced gift.

It’s been 5 months since he owned the wallet and he absolutely loved it. It was also funny that for the first week or so, he kept saying how he always thought he forgot or lost his wallet because he barely feels it’s presence his pocket. I guess it’s a good and bad thing right? haha

Fast forward to present, when Makketh found out I was one of their buyers, they decided to send another bi-fold slim wallet and additional card holder so I can properly share and review for all of you.

They both come in a clean and simple packaging with a cloth bag. It looked presentable enough to just put a bow and ready to give as a gift.

slim wallet

minimalism wallet

rfid blocking sleeves credit card holder

Makketh Bi-fold Slim Wallet

front pocket wallet

front pocket wallet RFID money clip

First thing about Makketh’s wallets are that it is slim and minimalism in design. Despite it’s slimness, you still can insert 14 cards and 10 bills inside and yet maintains it’s 15 mm thickness. It has a pulled tab feature which made it easier to access to the cards. It’s leather is naturally tanned which results to thicker and durable leather that do not emits chemical smells. The process is also more environmentally friendly and healthier for people too!

With all payments and information easily scanned for our convenience, it also has it’s downfall. With RFID blocking protection, it prevents thieves from obtaining your personal and financial account information through scanning. This means it’s perfect for travelling too!

As mentioned earlier, Jhon truly loved the wallet. It’s compact but still able to hold all his cards. It’s thin, light weight and since it’s real leather, the wear and tear gives it character. The wallet holds money well although it does need getting used to. The fact that it’s ‘exposed’ and does not give the impression of security as the notes can easily move can be unnerving but so far, no notes actually had fallen.

bi-fold slim wallet

Makketh Card Holder

mens leather wallet credit card holder

card holder

Similar to the bi-fold wallet, Makketh’s card holder is slim and simple. It has 4 compartments that can hold up to 10 cards and even some notes. It also has a pull tab function and has a RFID blocking protection. The leather however, is oil-tanned which made it water resistant but it has an accent ballistic black nylon with cotton blue stripped lining for an additional touch.

Jhon’s card current card holder only holds 2 card, his EZ-link card and work ID so the card holder caters more than enough for him. In fact, he can even put some emergency money in there. For those who are wondering if the RFID blocks the cards from being tapped or scanned.

credit card holder

It’s yes and no.

If the cards are inside where the blue-stripped lining is, yes. He can’t tap his EZ-link card at all even after several tries BUT if he placed them in the side compartments, it’s a no. He could tap while boarding and alighting the bus with no problem. As for his work ID, he can tap it at work in the inner slot with ease.

Crafted with premium leather, both wallet and card holder has quality assurance and backed up by a 6-month warranty. Not only that, Makketh provides free worldwide shipping!

The bi-fold slim wallet comes in 3 colors of black, light brown and dark brown while the card holders comes in red brown and tan. They are sold at S$79.00 and S$69.00 respectively and they do have sales once in a while.

credit card holder front pocket wallet

For more details and how to purchase, head on to their website.

Click to get your hands on Makketh’s wallets now. No regrets.

Thanks Makketh for sending their products. Jhon now has a matching set of wallet and card holder. As for the extra wallet, he loves it too much to gift it away. I’ve got no comment for that. haha

minimalist travel wallet

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