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Secrid Slim Wallet Review

Secrid Slim Wallet

These days, it’s not enough for your minimalist wallet to just be slim. The Secrid Wallet really set itself apart from the rest of the crowd with how you use it. Its innovative design features a patent-pending lever that slides your cards out with a simple push.

This complexity of a spring-loaded lever mechanism isn’t what you’d normally expect from a minimalist wallet. Moving parts can fail, and often, simplicity is best. But the trade-off in quick access and on-demand organization of your cards is certainly compelling. Whether the Secrid Wallet deserves a spot in your EDC hinges on how well this mechanism handles.

An Award-Winning Design

Secrid Wallet

Although Secrid offers several variations of this wallet, at its core, it isn’t so much of a wallet at all. It’s essentially a sophisticated cardholder, crafted from aluminum to tight tolerances. It holds a modest 5-6 cards (it varies depending on how many of your cards are embossed or have raised lettering) with a footprint not much bulkier than the deck itself. They load from the top of the cartridge and sit flush and secure once inserted.

Flipping the wallet upside down and giving it a good shake isn’t enough to cause the cards to fall out, even with just a single card inside. The Secrid’s unique deployment mechanism is its main attraction—a sturdy spring-loaded lever made from plastic at the bottom of the wallet that cascades the cards out from the top as you push on it. Overall, it’s a sleek package that deserves its Red Dot award.

Getting to Your Cards

Getting to Your Cards

Using the lever is fairly intuitive, but best suited for right handers. In my use, I’ve found holding it in my right hand and using my ring finger gave me the best purchase and control needed to deploy the cards. It does have an angle to it, as well as some slight clearance from the body of the wallet to give you a better grip. It’s fairly smooth, however, and I think it would benefit from jimping. While the force needed for you to push the cards out is enough to be deliberate, it isn’t as comfortable to do with using just your finger tip. I’d rather take that over having a weak lever or ejecting my cards on accident, though.

There’s some fine control over the lever when advancing your cards, too. I was pleased to find it doesn’t forcefully eject cards—you can push them out slowly and carefully if you’d like, but I find snapping them out quickly is more impressive and fun.

When deployed, they cascade out so you can easily sort through your cards at a glance. This only works in the right handed orientation, unfortunately. Sliding your cards out is intuitive too—just push out with your thumb or pinch and pull.

front pocket wallet

The aluminum housing also shields your cards from RFID skimming. When you actually want to scan those cards, you can slide them out partially without having to fully remove them from the wallet. It’s a convenient and secure design feature.

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  1. Very cool way to get the cards out! They should figure out a solution to carry cash with this product. It’s a major issue. Thanks for sharing anyway. Very nice one.

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