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ST.VALENTINE’S DAY!!! MITU Fingertip Building Blocks — The Elves On The Fingertips

For everyone, there’s a little more or less pressure. Children have learning pressure, the young people have the pressure of life and work, the old have the pressure of health. The pressure will affect our health, so we need to unzip it. There are many kinds of stress solution: Exercise decompression, Meditation unzip, Dietetic decompression and Massage decompression. Today I’ll give you a little bit of gadget to relieve your stress, say goodbye to the anxiety and tension. This little gadget is MITU Fingertip Building Blocks!


The MITU Fingertip Building Blocks is handy and portable, funny and good-looking. Whether you are reading, meditating on writing, or watching a movie, you also can play it. Not only can it relieve stress, but it may also make your mind clear when it comes to problems, and suddenly think of the solution to the problem. Then I’ll share this stress relief toy for you.

MITU Fingertip Building Blocks

Reduced pressure toy

Stress Relief Toy

▲The packing box is small and beautiful, only the size of the palm, the light green looks very fresh. The top of the box is designed to be very intimate, the shedding of the sawtooth can be opened with a gentle tear.

Fidget Spinners Toy

▲After opening the box, there is a transparent plastic bag in it, with a very detailed assembly instructions.

Fingertip Building Blocks

Building Blocks

▲This set of building blocks is used zero draft technology, The precision of the mold is very high, up to 0.005mm. The design of simple appearance is pleasing to the eye, using the classic grey, white and orange.

Stress Relief Toys

MITU Fingertip Building Block

▲The assembly of MITU Fingertip Building Blocks is very simple, at most 5 minutes. First of all, the two components are grey and white, together with orange components, two sets of components*2.

MITU Fingertip Building Blocks1

MITU Fingertip Building Blocks2

MITU Fingertip Building Blocks3

MITU Fingertip Building Blocks4

▲After the two sets of components assembled, placed in accordance with this, then connect with the remaining orange components. Is it very simple?

Stress Relief Toy1

Stress Relief Toy2

▲The MITU Fingertip Building Blocks is very delicate and small, only two centimeters in size, can be easily loaded into a pocket or a backpack. So you can enjoy the fun of it anytime and anywhere!

Fingertip Building Blocks1

▲Each Fingertip Building Blocks are equipped with a wand, it’s used to block the dismantling of components of the the building blocks. Because there are many kinds of play it, such as can string a string of hands, you can also be a rosary. Of course, it depends on your mind to think!

Fingertip Building Blocks2

After seeing my share, do you like it?

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  1. Pros:
    Полный релакс! Кубик СУПЕР! Легко помещается в одной руке, удобно и приятно вертеть его. Раскрывается в разные стороны. Прекрасный недорогой подарок, полезная безделушка, помогает сосредоточиться, расслабиться, размять пальцы! Оформление коробки и внутренняя упаковка выполнены качественно. Качество кубика на высоте.
    Минусов нет!

  2. The goods were sent very quickly, well packed, lots of fun … Very good against stress, Creative even for small children, I recommend quality from Xiaomi

  3. Pros:
    very light
    easy to build
    good matterial
    none so far

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