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24 Stylish Best Sling Bags for Everyday Carry

Sling bags or messenger bags as they are popularly known are one of the most effective everyday carry bags. A sling bag is minimalist in design and provides functionality for every day use. It is easy to carry when you are on the move and a perfect choice for commuting.

You can easily access items in your sling bag. The closures and zippers are usually located close to your body, which makes it difficult for pickpockets to gain access to your valuables.

Below are some of the basic features of a best sling bag.

  1. It must be lightweight

    A best sling bag must be lightweight and come with long adjustable straps that you can adjust to suit your height and needs. Because of the length of the strap, you can swing the bag from left to right without having to take the bag off your shoulders.

  2. It must have a padded panel

    A padded back panel is necessary to protect your body from the items in your bag. If your sling bag contains sharp objects, having a padded back panel will save you the inconvenience of getting jabbed.

  3. It must be easy to move around

    The overall design of many sling bags make it easy for you to move the bag from the front to back, or from side to side. The design is usually portable enough for a friction-free movement.

  4. It must promote freedom of movement

    Imagine commuting across a busy airport or train station holding a handbag or briefcase? This is stressful and a lot of commuters have learned to avoid the unnecessary hassle by using a sling bag. With a sling bag, movement is easier and commuting is stress-free.

  5. It must help you organize better

    At the end of the day, the most important thing about the sling bag is its ability to keep you organized. Granted it could come in a small structure, but it is up to you to choose one that will take all your essential items. If you have more items to carry on a regular basis, then a bigger size bag will do the job.

We’ve put together 24 of the best sling bags for your everyday carry needs.

1. Basics Sling (US$ 18.99)

Basics Sling (US$ 18.99)

This is an affordable sling bag that is practical and can be used for just about any purpose. The Basic sling comes with a slim design and features multiple pockets. These compartments are easy to access so you can store your wallet, keys, passport, ID cards or phone while on the go. It also comes with an RFID blocking pocket for keeping your valuable credit and debit cards.

2. Tumi Alpha Bravo Monterey Sling (US$ 249.95)

Tumi Alpha Bravo Monterey Sling (US$ 249.95)

Stylish and urban are some of the words that describe the Tumi Alpha sling. It is durable and made of Ballistic nylon which can endure any kind of use. The bag comes with an adjustable strap for easy and friction-free wear. The padded sleeve can take a tablet and will help protect your devices from damage.

3. Life Behind Bars The Slingshot (US$ 49)

Life Behind Bars The Slingshot (US$ 49)

If you find yourself in stormy weather this weatherproof sling bag is your best bet. It will give you quick access to your essentials and has a padded compartment that can take a 9.7-inch tablet, a small notebook, camera, phone and other essentials. It has internal pockets and a removable strap that makes it easy to personalize your style.

4. KAVU Rope Sling Bag (US$ 50)

KAVU Rope Sling Bag (US$ 50)

The KAVU rope sling bag is fashionable and great for casual wear. The bag is suitable for all your travel and commuting needs and comes in a variety of colors for any taste, and is made of water-resistant material. If you like being organized, KAVU has got you covered with several pockets for small EDC items. The bag also has a padded panel and an adjustable shoulder strap.

5. Aer Sling Bag (US$ 60)

Aer Sling Bag (US$ 60)

If you’re looking for a sling bag that combines style and functionality, the Aer sling bag is probably your best choice. It is perfect for casual wear as well as carrying your gym gear. The bag has a vented shoe compartment which protects your other items. It also features a main compartment for your gym wear and water bottle.

6. Keep Pursuing Sling (US$ 69)

Keep Pursuing Sling (US$ 69)

There are plenty of features offered by the Keep Pursuing Sling. The bag has a low-key, understated design that is suitable for urban commuters. It features a secret compartment where you can store your valuable items like an international passport and also has a padded slot for tech devices like a phone. If you want to keep pickpockets at bay, then this sling bag is a great choice as it has a secured zipper lock and waist strap.

7. Timbuk2 Delta Sling (US$ 69)

Timbuk2 Delta Sling (US$ 69)

The Timbuk2 sling bag is a great companion for commuters. It is ideal for work and everyday use and you can even put your lunch in the outer layer or carry a small camera. The bag is versatile and offers a back pocket for storing your iPad or small tablets. Delta Sling comes with an adjustable strap that can be worn around the waist as a waist bag.

8. Pacsafe Vibe 325 Cross Body Pac (US$69.95)

Pacsafe Vibe 325 Anti-Theft Cross Body Pac (US$69.95)

The Vibe is an anti-theft cross-body sling bag is suitable for urban types who have to travel to and from busy terminals. It has a sophisticated design in a 10L size that can accommodate a wide range of everyday carry items. The bag has a padded sleeve and as well as other pockets for your wallet keys and phone. It can also take a small umbrella and some snacks. The Vibe 325 is truly the perfect sling bag for all occasions. It also features a slash-guard to keep your gear safe from pickpockets.

9. Incase Quick Sling Bag for iPad Air (US$ 69.95)

Incase Quick Sling Bag for iPad Air (US$ 69.95)

Incase sling bag is perfect for carrying your tech devices. The sling is ideal for work or everyday casual use and has a compartment for your iPad. It has a convenient outer pocket so that you can easily access your devices on the go. The bag has a quick release feature which makes it easy to reach the items you use regularly.

10. Patagonia Atom Sling (US$ 69.98)

Patagonia Atom Sling (US$ 69.98)

The atom sling bag is an 8-litre bag that is ideal for travel. It has a teardrop design which balances the load comfortably behind your shoulders. The bag is also made of a water-resistant material and several pockets that make organization easy.

11. 5.11 Tactical RUSH MOAB 10 (Mobile Operation Attachment Bag) (US$ 79.99)

5.11 Tactical RUSH MOAB™ 10 (Mobile Operation Attachment Bag (US$ 79.99)

If you’re looking for a sling bag with plenty of pockets to keep you better organized then this is your bag. It has a main compartment which opens wide to give you access to your items with ease. The 18-litre bag is large enough to take much more than your everyday carry items.

12. Chrome Industries Kadet (US$ 80)

Chrome Industries Kadet (US$ 80)

Cadet is a sleek and durable sling bag that is perfect for storing items such as keys, phones, tablets, cameras or wallets. The bag comes with a daisy chain and padded u-lock fastener and is the perfect choice for easy access because of its quick release strap. The good news is that this bag is guaranteed by the manufacturer for life.

13. Chrome Industries Niko Sling (US$ 80)

Chrome Industries Niko Sling (US$ 80)

If you want is small sling bag that is weatherproof then this Chrome Industries Niko bag will serve your needs. The bag is perfect for people who carry around valuable items like a DSLR camera. You want to keep your valuables protected and a sling bag like this one because it is made of waterproof material that will keep your items safe. It has a quick release strap which is integrated with the bottle opener so you can stay refreshed while you work.

14. Gregory Switch Sling (US$ 82.53)

Gregory Switch Sling (US$ 82.53)

The Switch sling is versatile and functional. The bag can carry most of your essentials including a water bottle, notebook, phone and wallet. It has a vertical front pocket slot which is outfitted with a key fob, divider sleeve and wide-opening compartment that makes it easy to access your gear.

15. Aer Travel Sling (US$ 100)

Aer Travel Sling (US$ 100)

The Aer travel sling bag incorporates low-key aesthetics with functionality that make organizing easy. You can travel with this bag, take it to work, or use it for casual everyday activities. The main compartment has a padded sleeve that can take a 13-inch laptop. The bag also has several pockets that make it easy for you to organize your small items. The outer pockets are great for travel documents and for other items that you want to easily access while on the go. It also comes with a back handle so you can carry it as a luggage rather than a sling bag.

16. Vertx EDC Transit Sling (US$ 119.99)

Vertx EDC Transit Sling (US$ 119.99)

The Vertx transit sling bag got this name for a good reason. The sling is perfect for travel and commuting and provides tactical functionalities without any excessive frills. Vertx Transit has multiple compartments created for items like a tablet, iPad, laptop or even a weapon. Outfitted with several pockets, it is great for any kind of gear. The bag is versatile and can be secured to your luggage by using a pass-through to strap it on.

17. Bagjack Slingbag (~US$ 121)

bagjack Slingbag (~US$ 121)

Bagjack is lightweight with understated aesthetics. It is a handmade bag produced by specialist craftsmen in Berlin, and is suitable for work and travel. The bag can contain an 11-inch tablet or small laptop in its padded sleeve compartment. You can access your device from the side, while the front pocket area makes it easy to reach your everyday items like phones and keys.

18. Maxpedition Kodiak Gearslinger (US$ 134.55)

Maxpedition Kodiak Gearslinger (US$ 134.55)

The Maxpedition features some amazing functionalities and provides ample storage space for everyday travel use. The bag is 22.6L and can fit a 15-inch laptop as well as other items you need for your trip.

The main compartment opens wide to give you easy access to the contents of the bag. This wide-opening feature makes it a great choice for people who have a lot of items to organize in their carrier bag. It comes with several inner and outer pockets for plenty of storage and organization of small items.

19. Topo Designs Sling Bag (US$ 139)

Topo Designs Sling Bag (US$ 139)

Featuring the Topo signature design, this sling bag is colorful and vibrant for informal use. It can be used for many activities and is one of the most versatile carry companions for your commute. You can carry your important documents, clothing and large essentials in this bag. It has several pockets to keep smaller items like phones and keys and wallet and the inner compartment can take a 13-inch laptop.

20. Peak Design Everyday Sling (US$ 149.95)

Peak Design Everyday Sling (US$ 149.95)

As an everyday sling bag, the Peak Design will take your camera gear, work items, and travel essentials. It has a versatile design that can adapt to your changing lifestyle. The bag is outfitted with dividers to make organization easy and more personalized. The 10L size can take a 13-inch tablet or laptop as well as your everyday carry items such as a small tripod or umbrella. If you need some extra space, there is an expandable compartment that will allow you store items like snacks etc.

21. DSPTCH Slingpack (US$ 152)

DSPTCH Slingpack (US$ 152)

The dispatch sling bag is a durable and versatile bag that is ideal for work or travel. The bag is made in the United States and can contain a 15-inch laptop. It has a security pocket which is perfect for putting your valuables. The front pocket is also used for storing items that you quickly want to access when on the move.

22. Cote&ciel Riss (US$ 205)

côte&ciel Riss (US$ 205)

Cote&ciel Riss is an elegant fusion of French style and Japanese practicality. The bag was inspired by the design of a Japanese armor and comes in a wide range of materials and colors. You can also wear it over your shoulder or across the back. The inner compartment can take a 13-inch laptop and still have extra space for small items. The design is perfect for those who want to combine style with functionality in a single sling bag.

23. Dakine Sling Bag (US$ 34.95)

Dakine Sling 6L Pack (US$ 34.95)

The Dakine sling is an affordable choice and has a 6L compartment to keep things organized. The bag is functional and the best choice if you have basic essentials that you carry frequently. It is outfitted with a padded sleeve for your tablet or iPad. The bag is available in several colors and has a useful grab handle.

24. BRIEFING Tactical Sling (US$ 310.69)

BRIEFING Tactical Sling (US$ 310.69)

The price is high but this tactical sling bag is worth every dollar. It will appeal to people who appreciate more tactical carry bags. The sling bag is made in the US with tough ballistic nylon and is outfitted with several pockets for quick access. This is the perfect sling for those would like to go on a hike or partake in other outdoorsy activity.

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