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The 15 Best Bifold Wallets

bifold wallet

Money clips, tri-folds, tactical wallets. With so many options out there these days purchasing a wallet can become highly overwhelming. So much so in fact that occasionally we find ourselves simply giving up after a several thwarted attempts. We ask questions regarding carrying capacity, security, perks, and idiosyncratic features that we’re honestly probably never going to use because let’s be serious, a wallet should serve one purpose and on purpose only: to keep your financials in order without over-bulking your carry.

Fans of the more traditional wallet remember and appreciate the classic bifold. Know for its simple design and user-friendly capabilities, it’s the most self-explanatory wallet out there. Reminiscent of the wallets of yesteryear, odds are the bifold was one of your first. Insanely simple, this design will ensure order over chaos and keep you centered in the process. So in this light we wanted to offer you some options in case you were considering trading up from your oversized, hopefully not velcro, wallet that’s been through years of abuse. We wanted to give you the best of the best for both your buck and your look. We wanted to present you with our favorites for the timeless bi-fold design. So we did, in the form of the 15 best bifold wallets around. Because no matter where you’re from or where you’re headed, a quality wallet is a must.

Flowfold Vanguard Limited BiFold Wallet

Flowfold Vanguard Limited BiFold Wallet

If an active, outdoor lifestyle is more your speed the Vanguard may be your saving grace. Built from ultra light and durable water-resistant fabric, this wallet is as thin as two credit cards and features a couple of card windows, two hidden card pockets, and cash pocket. Made in America and weighing lighter than four sheets of paper it’s a top tier wallet that won’t weigh you down.

Recycled Firefighter Leather Rookie

Recycled Firefighter Leather Rookie

Designed for front pocket carry the Leather Rookie is made entirely out of military-grade combat boot leather and mil-spec webbing. It’s crafted to hold up to 12 cards in order to reduce the amount of bulk wallets tend to accrue over time. The Rookie is also fire and water resistant and held together by U.S Military 1” nylon binding.

Iron Resin Tucker Wallet

Iron & Resin Tucker Wallet

As an American brand, Iron & Resin caters to the vagabonds in all of us. Building products that are open-road ready while hosting an heirloom-quality alluding to life as an American nomad. Their Tucker Wallet, built from 100 percent premium cowhide leather is one such product. It’s a small size bifold that features utility pockets on each side and a lengthwise waxed canvas bill pocket. No need for any wild perks here. Just an all-around well-built leather wallet.

minimal leather wallet

Mr. Lentz Minimal Leather Wallet

Possibly the thinnest bifold wallet around, Mr. Lentz is an impressive find for anyone looking to pick up a new pocket companion. It’s made in America with a non-toxic leather conditioner and vegetable tanned leather making it both durable and sustainable. These attributes make Mr. Lentz all the more attractive to the prospective buyer and slim enough to fit in your front pocket.

American bench craft wallet

American Bench Craft Hammer Riveted Wallet

Each American bench Craft wallet is designed and manufactured in conjunction with the ideals of American quality and craftsmanship. In particular, the Hammer Rivet Wallet is a star product. Made from a single piece of full-grain die cut, vegetable tanned, steer hide leather that is then folded and secured by hammered rivets, finished off and stamped with simple hand tools, it’s the perfect pick for someone with quality in mind.

Bellroy slim sleeve

Bellroy Slim Sleeve

For those looking for a slim and sustainable wallet the Slim Sleeve is a perfect option. Utilizing their Nude Approach, this wallet features vegetable-tanned leather and thread resulting in no unnecessary liners. The result is a more slender profile than most, though it still manages to fit up to 12 cards and folded bills in the thin design, which if you ask us is more than enough space to spare.

Bellroy Hide Seek

Bellroy Hide & Seek

Australian-based Bellroy just won’t quit in producing some of the sleekest and highest-quality wallets around. This model, in particular, is designed to hide larger bills and seldom used cards from sight, protecting them from wear and keeping you secure. It boasts up to 12-card capacity with four quick-access slots, protected cards slots, and a hidden coin pouch to boot. Combine these features with full-grain vegetable-tanned leather and you have one beautiful wallet that’s sure to last.

leather bifold card case

Billykirk No. 145 Leather Bifold Card Case

Billykirk built out this leather bifold with the Subway in mind. It features two oval cutouts for quick access to your most used card, be it a Subway card or Visa, and is hand stitched with wax cording. On top of all this, each No. 145 is hand oiled, edged to a handsome finish, and only boasts a width of three inches when closed.

Bifold Wallets

Tanner Goods Utility Bifold

The Utility Bifold is built for the individual who favors traditional style and efficiency. It’s constructed from 3.5oz of vegetable-tanned Meridian English Bridle leather and features four card slot pockets, two hidden pockets for extra coins and cards, and one lengthwise pocket for any bills you may be carrying around. They’re burnished, dyed, waxed and stamped upon completion as well.

slim leather wallet

Danny P Slim Leather Wallet

There something to be said when a wallet manufacturer claims their motivation came from three keywords. Breathability, precision, and elegance were the motivational factors behind this slim leather wallet. The cash fold fits multiple currencies, boasts eight credit card slots, and is handmade from Italian leather. It also hosts a slim fit design and is available three colors depending on your style.

Father Wallet

Father’s Father Wallet

What’s great about bifolds is their simplicity. In the case of this Father’s Father wallet, simplicity is simplified even more into an efficient and lightweight design that’ll certainly catch the eye of any dignified fan of carry. It’s built from laser cut 2mm vegetable tanned leather and hand-stitched in a traditional manner. Each wallet is made to order from natural leather, making each wallet as unique as the user.

leather wallet

Nomad Leather Charging Wallet

Here’s something you don’t see every day. The Nomad is a wallet built with a 21st century mindset. Featuring a battery and charging cable built into a handsome leather wallet, it’s ready to charge up your smartphone at a moment’s notice. Made from 100 percent Horween leather, the wallet hosts a 2400mAh battery and only gets better looking with age. And not to worry, it’s still a fine-looking slim option even with the battery extension.

leather bifold wallet

Bison Made No. 6 Wallet

Bison Made does a fantastic job of producing an all leather bifold that won’t get in the way of your day-to-day activities. It features 100% Chromexcel leather tanned by Horween in Chicago and is a proven feat of quality American handcrafted construction. Thanks to a lifetime warranty on the stitching, you can rest assured knowing that -despite what may be happening around you at the time- things won’t fall apart in your pocket.

leather bifold wallets

Lotuff Two-Pocket Leather Bifold

Cash is king. We all know this but don’t alway exercise this knowledge. However, for the few of us who do still understand the power of cash should look no further than this Lotuff wallet. It’s designed for the mulah carrier who also wants to house a limited number of cards as well. It features all leather construction, is built right here in the USA from tumbled vegetable-tanned leather, and hosts a full-length pocket for both domestic an international currency.

slim bifold wallet

Shinola Slim Bifold Wallet

In case you weren’t already aware, yes Shinola does make wallets. And they do a fine job as well. Each Slim Bifold is made from premium American leather and features a leather-lined cash pocket, six faille-lined credit card pockets, and marked-down folded edges for enhanced simplicity. Like all leather products, it will only gain more character through daily use. A true American masterpiece.


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