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The Best Slim Wallets For Men EDC 2018

A relatively good wallet should be able to accommodate all that you need at a given time, while a great wallet will help you to lower down the amount of bulk you carry at a go. And through its unique and amazing design, you should be able to easily assess what you need anytime and everywhere.

If designed in the best way possible, a wallet can add substantive taste of style on your EDC; this makes the pocket bulge especially when in slim outline hence posing an attractive appearance. You realize there is wide range of choices when it comes to best slim wallets for men hence making it hard to find the appropriate one. And therefore to ease you the burden carried on your pockets, and provide you with the best remedy, discover the following best men’s slim wallets worthy of your EDC.

Magpul DAKA Essential Wallet (US$16.95)

Magpul DAKA Essential Wallet

Just as stated by its name, this is a wallet designed for important goodies. It comes with three pockets meant to hold cash and cards. It can measure up to 3mm when not loaded. Magpul DAKA Wallet has round corners which make it easy to penetrate and retrieve from the pocket. Having been built in the USA with a long lasting augmentation material and RF welded seams, this is a wallet of choice that is economic friendly.

Machine Era Slim Wallet (US$ 38)

Machine Era Slim Wallet

Machine Era is attractively slim and long lasting wallet. It is capable of holding up to 7 cards and also provides assurance of RFID protection. It is a product manufactured in USA. It comes with a stainless steel option weighing at 34g or 1.2 oz. As an added advantage, it is mounted with thumb slot doubles that can be used as a bottle opener, and therefore it is always ready for pop opening a cold brew.

Fantom Wallet – Aluminum (US$ 59)

Fantom Wallet – Aluminum

This sleek wallet is available in choices of three varied sizes, together with a coin holder version used for storing coins, SD cards or a spare key. With just a simple flick, the Fantom Wallet fans blows out cards for easier and quicker access. It can also be paired with an elective money clip to facilitate quicker respond to bills at a go.

Secrid Slim Wallet (US$ 60)

Secrid Slim Wallet

The Secrid Slim wallet provides a compact storage for a number of important EDC, ranging from cash to cards and receipts. The slim wallet is available in a number of leathers and colors, these includes several pockets for keeping contents well organized and easily accessible. It also features an integrated storage part for regularly used cards, with handy lever flick that enhances quick access to cards inside.

Bellroy Micro Sleeve (US$ 64.95)

Bellroy Micro Sleeve Wallet

This micro sleeve offers an elegant storage especially for tiny carry setups. It has quick access slots for regularly used cards and central pocket for keeping extra cards and folded notes. It can easily be accessed with just a squeeze. The slim pocket pair is built using environmental certified leather with wide range of color choices and it is provided with a three-year warranty.

Cardamon Wallet (US$ 69 – 79)

Cardamon Wallet

The Cardamon resembles billfold wallet to a great deal and its skin cover is reduced to a clean, minimalist design that successfully fits up to 8 cards and cash. The wallet is available in two varied sizes in order to house different currencies. It is built using MeridianShell, which is a long lasting material characterized by 300D Polyester/Polymide blend. It comes with a lifetime guarantee and so you don’t necessarily need to worry about heavy use of this wallet.

Ridge Navy SEAL Aluminum Wallet (US$ 72)

Ridge Navy SEAL Aluminum Wallet

Ridge Nave Seal is a slim and tough wallet. This RFID-blocking aluminum wallet can support up to 12 cards, while the inbuilt money clip accommodates folded cash. This unique edition is availed with an exclusive navy blue color whereby 10% of the proceeds are taken by Foundation of Navy SEAL.

Capsule Minimalist Wallet (US$ 75)

Capsule Minimalist Wallet

Having been made with understated, stunning and intuitive design, this wallet can fit a good number of works and play environments. The front slot provides an easy retrieval of regularly used cards, while the cash trap is meant for keeping folded bills ready. With the main pocket for extra cash and cards, you’re set to take care of variety of EDC needs.

Mark Cascade Wallet Wallet (US$ 76.98)

Makr Cascade Wallet

The Cascade Wallet is made easily accessible by four-pocket design layers. The main pocket is used to hold folded cash, while the front pockets are designed for keeping readily accessible cards. It is a USA made stylish wallet, and with the durable hand-sewn, it can offer services for a long a duration.

Bellroy Slim Sleeve (US$ 79.95)

Bellroy Slim Sleeve

A wallet that embraces the minimalist trend and create a balance between size and convenience. The Bellroy Slim Sleeve has a surprising amount of storage space for such a small wallet. If you’re looking to find a slim wallet, then the slim sleeve will serve your needs. It has two small separate storage spaces and a pull tab where you can place infrequently used cards. Made with environmentally certified leather, you will get a 3-year warranty that’ll give you peace of mind.

Pioneer Division Bifold (US$ 85)

Pioneer Division Bifold Wallet

Organizing your wallet should be easy and straightforward with the Pioneer Division Bifold. It is made of durable material that protects your cards from anything and everything. With a 10 year warranty, the wallet will stand the test of time.

The bi-fold has 4 slots for your cards and a top sleeve for cash. It is made of lightweight material that is washing machine safe.

Maxx&Unicorn Bifold Wallet (US$ 88)

Maxx&Unicorn Bifold Wallet

Made by a young Brooklyn designer who is creative and has a vision for designing interesting accessories. The wallet has an innovative twist and comes in a timeless design.

Made by hand with a single piece of leather, this Maxx&Unicorn Bifold wallet is a great way to organize your wallet and keep your bills tidy and accessible.

Bellroy Hide & Seek (from US$ 89.95)

Bellroy Hide & Seek Wallet

If you want more out of your wallet than regular wallets offer, then choose the Bellroy Hide and Seek wallet. It remains true to its aesthetic value and also provides amazing functionality in terms of storage space and design.

You can separate the items you use frequently from those that you don’t use often. The wallet has hidden flaps so that large bills can be hidden from view. This is a perfect wallet if you want quick access to your money while keeping it discretely stored away. There’s also a lot of space for cards and you can choose from two sizes so that you’ll be picking a wallet that’s tailored to your needs.

Grovemade Minimalist Wallet (US$ 99)

Grovemade Minimalist Wallet

Easy access is what most people want when looking for a day to day wallet. Grovemade Minimalist Wallet provides quick access to your most used items. It helps you stay organized and is made of anodized aluminum and a hidden steel faceplate. The wallet is durable and the design is truly appealing. You can fit about five cards in this wallet as well as some folded bills.

Tailfeather Finch (Roo) (US$ 118.24)

Tailfeather Finch (Roo) Wallet

Looking for simplicity and practicality? This Tailfeather Finch wallet is handmade with kangaroo leather all the way from Australia. It will be a beautiful addition to your ensemble because of its high-quality materials and a stylish design. It can withstand many years of use and comes with 4 pockets for your cards and a top sleeve for flat bills.

AbrAsus Slim Wallet (from US$ 133.97)

abrAsus Slim Wallet

Being productive is not simply about getting more done, it is also about getting rid of the things that could slow us down. abrAsus Slim Wallet comes with an innovative design that features a slot for storing a key. The slimline wallet offers a lot of storage space to help you tidy up. Made by skilled Japanese craftmen, the wallet is made of long-lasting materials.

Makr Landscape Billfold Wallet (US$ 145)

Makr Landscape Billfold Wallet

Combining style and quality is easy with the Makr Landscape Billfold Wallet. Whether for formal or informal occasions this wallet will suit every need. Made in the USA, it comes with two internal slots that can take up to 6 cards while also having a storage space for your flat bills. It comes in different types of leather and colors so your choice will suit your taste.

Postalco All Leather Geology Flat Wallet (~US$ 150)

Postalco All Leather Geology Flat Wallet

Made with goatskin and calfskin, the Postalco All Leather Geology Flat Wallet is slim and features 4 pockets for your cash and cards. The wallet is made in Japan with high-quality materials like goatskin, calfskin, and pig skin, and can take as much as 10 cards.

Bellroy Note Sleeve C Designers Edition (US$ 169.95)

Bellroy Note Sleeve – Designers Edition

The Bellroy Note Sleeve now has a designer edition. It is one of the most popular styles offered by the brand and offers many functionalities. It is made of high-quality European leather. The wallet is elegant, practical and has 3 slots for cards including a convenient pull tab for storage of more cards or coins.

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