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The Ridge Carbon Fiber Wallet In-Depth Review

Ridge Carbon Fiber Wallet

Well, I have to admit it, since reviewing the PITAKA carbon fiber wallet alongside the Keplero one, my fascination with carbon fiber wallets has continued to grow and grow.

I have collected a few other carbon fiber wallets in the past, so it’s only fair that I review those as well, so that you get all the benefit of my experience and make sure that you do the right thing.

So, today I am going to review the Ridge carbon fiber wallet, which I have actually had for over a year. I bought this one directly from their official website.

  • The Ridge wallet had a bit of a bumpy start in life. Initially, v1.0 was launched on Kickstarter back in Jan. 2013, but this was superseded in Sept. 2013 with the Ridge wallet v2.0. Both campaigns were quite successful and the gross sales were $266,622 and $126,873 respectively, which subsequently brought the Ridge wallet to life.
  • If you were to head on over to their online store, you would now see that you could buy the Ridge wallet in four different materials, aluminum, carbon fiber, titanium and polycarbonate. Of course, there is only one material that I would go for, so I chose the carbon fiber one.



carbon fiber wallet

1. Unboxing Review


The Ridge carbon fiber wallet looks, well, just like carbon fiber.

That might be stating the obvious, but there is more to it!

Generally speaking, carbon fiber fabrics are woven towards their fiber orientation and they come in both plain weave and twill weave. The Ridge carbon fiber wallet is your typical twill weave version and I have to say that I do love that look, very much.

The Ridge wallet consists of a single elastic band with, metal plates in the middle, two pieces of carbon fiber plates on either side along with 14 tiny screws. When I am saying the carbon fiber plates, I am meaning the ultra-thin carbon fiber cover and most parts of the wallet are not made from carbon fiber wallet. That’s why this small carbon fiber wallet come in a relatively heavy weight.

  • Even though it’s quite simple, it can be a little tricky to use. Unfortunately, I have absolutely no patience when it comes to assembling things especially if it involves tiny screws, but fortunately for me, it comes pre-assembled.
  • And as it is made from carbon fiber, it looks rather distinguishing, amazingly sleek and stylish. I love the design, it’s clean with a semicircle cut out, really quite delicate. The height and the width are an exact match for your standard credit card, although it is smaller than a lot of business cards.

Due to its slim profile, you could use the Ridge wallet as a front pocket wallet but be careful, even though it looks small, you can actually put a lot of stuff into it. Yes, it holds big.

The Ridge carbon fiber wallet offers two options, the cash-strap version ($105) and the money-clip version ($115). Yes, oddly enough, for the money clip version, you need to pay an extra $10.


  1. Weight:1.6 oz
  2. Dimensions:8.5cm × 5.5cm × 0.55cm
  3. Warranty:Limited Lifetime warranty
  4. Capacity:6-7 cards (recommended) and no more than 12 cards

2. In-depth Review

Unfortunately, when it comes down to actually using the Ridge Wallet, it’s a bit fiddly and it takes quite a bit of practice to use it in any normal situation, you don’t want to go out and use it in public without practicing how to get things in and out.

  • Firstly, to insert the cards, you have to gently slide them into the top slot. Now, when I say gently, that in itself can be tricky, you see, if you are not careful you can end up damaging the edges of your card as you put it in. So you have to be firm, but gentle, although in my case, I did ruin a perfectly good credit card and that was one of the reasons why I stopped using this wallet.

Now, when it comes down to actually getting something out from the wallet that too is a little tricky. You have to push everything out of the wallet using the semi-circle cutout and then you squeeze the wallet causing everything to fan out. After that, you can pick then out the card you need.

It’s worth noting that you need to apply quite a bit of force to use the wallet and that might not work for those who do not have strong hands.

To help you understand this a little better, I made a short video showing you how to use it.

the Ridge wallet operation video

the Ridge wallet operation video

Posted by Buylcw on Tuesday, September 19, 2017

In most circumstances, I won’t carry more than six cards with me, so the Ridge wallet can totally meet my needs and I can put it in either my front pocket or my back pocket. However, it can become quite difficult to select a particular card when you have lots in your wallet, which might lead to an embarrassing situation if you need to pick out a card quickly.

Oh and be mindful about the screws around the edge of the wallet, nine out of ten customers who purchased one of the Ridge wallets complained about the fact that screws kept on falling off. The fix involves tightening the screws as much as you can as soon as you receive it.

review of Ridge wallets

And then we come to the sensitive subject of will the wallet scratch?

Sadly, I have to say that unfortunately it will scratch and quite easily too. If you look at the statistics out there, carbon fiber can have extremely high abrasion resistance. However, there are variations of carbon fiber and one version can stand up to more abuse than another.

Recommended Group:

  • carbon fiber fans
  • gadget enthusiasts
  • minimalists
  • men with certain amount of disposable income

Despite the price and some design flaws, the ridge wallet is actually quite good, it looks smart and works quite well.

So, if you are a minimalist or perhaps you don’t carry much money around with you or if you are simply someone with plenty of money and feel you can never have too many gadgets, you could do a lot worse than if you were to buy yourself a Ridge carbon fiber wallet.

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