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Valentine’s Day gift: A gift to the Goddess: you are the best gift to me

From my beginning to like you, your every move is the most important thing what I care about every day. I just want to ask you: Hey, I love you so long, do you know? But what you don’t know is maybe a little bit of bravery and she’ll go with you. What to send? And what can send? Believe that she is the best gift in your heart, right?


1. Poetry and Islands * Guard — Lucky Stone Transshipment Bracelet.

The more beautiful things, the more you need the quiet power to guard. A small bracelet belongs to your goddess.
Powder crystal: The meaning of love, the peach blossoms, the sweetness of love.
Labradorite: Means future, it has a natural moonlight effect.
Aquamarine: It is fortunate that there is a name of “The God of fortune”.

Valentine's Day gift

Valentine's Day gift1

2. Solid Wood Stereoscopic Deer Lamp

Return to the original life, the beauty of the logs, 3D visual wooden desk lamp, imported beech wood base in Europe, free personalized lettering, create a unique gift of creative personality! For your favorite ~

Valentine's Day gift

3. 925 Silver Snowflake Pendant

Let the beautiful snowflakes no longer fleeting, long stay in your neck.

925 Silver Snowflake Pendant

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