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Women’s Day What Kind Of Flower To Send

International Working Women’s Day, March 8th every year. It is a festival of love, romance and respect. What kind of flower do you send for?


Send for girlfriend:

Girls like to receive gifts, which shows that someone cares for her and favors her. Although the flower can not eat, it is a symbol of romance. The flowers are beautiful, tender, sensitive and delicate. They are all like women, and people feel that flowers are the incarnations of women.

A: In addition to rose, forget-me-not, white lily s also quite good choose.

B: Do not use yellow, yellow often expresses parting and hopelessness. To be careful with white. The red one is usually the safest.

Rose (red): love you deeply

Rose (pink): a declaration of love in heart and love

Rose (white): innocence, purity, respect

Tulip (purple): endless love, most love

Tulip (pink): love and happiness

Tulips (red): love and not forget me, please miss me


Send for mother:

Carnations (love, beauty, respect) are the sacred flowers of all women, a good example of elegance. Carnation represents passion, charm, true love, love, warmth, kindness, motherly love, tolerance, strong family affection, pure love and sincere friendship. Send a bunch of carnations to express warm blessings and warm love. Carnations are thought to be the mother’s flowers again.


Send for wife, a friend, etc:

Lily has a beautiful family, a harmonious union lasting a hundred years the love of the great meaning, deep meaning of blessing. Those who receive this kind of flower’s blessing have a naive character, and they all love each other. But by this way, we can’t live a life peacefully, we must have self-control and resist temptation from outside to keep innocence from being polluted.

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